rainbow water slide

Brighten up your summer with the Rainbow Water Slide from Australian Inflatables, a vibrant splash of fun for all ages. Engineered for durability and easy setup, it’s the perfect addition to any Aussie gathering. Make waves at your next event with this colourful escape, delivered right to your door.

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Soar down the Rainbow Water Slide, the latest showpiece from Australian Inflatables, designed to make a splash and brighten any Aussie backyard. This isn’t just any water slide—it’s a cascade of colour and excitement, merging the thrill of a water park with the joy of a rainbow.

Excellent craftmanship from Australian inflatables

Crafted with commercial-grade materials for durability, it features a sprawling arch of brilliant hues leading to an inviting pool, creating a picturesque oasis. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike, turning any gathering into a festive celebration. Its easy setup and takedown mean your slice of paradise is ready in a jiffy, perfect for every spontaneous BBQ or planned party. Australian Inflatables is renowned for crafting inflatable water slides of impeccable quality, each meticulously certified to Australian standards. Explore our extensive collection of water slides for sale, where superior craftsmanship meets aquatic fun.

Delivery Down Under

From Brisbane to Perth, we deliver this colourful wonder directly to you. Make the smart choice for quality entertainment and let the Rainbow Water Slide be the pot of gold at your next event. Get ready for the ultimate splash in your own backyard with Australian Inflatables, where fun and quality meet the sky!


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