Return And Exchange Policy

About Our Returns Policies

Returns and refund on extended warranty

You are eligible to get full refund on the product and shipping fee if the product is on extended warranty. Note the extended warranty fee will not be returned. If the return is eligible there will be no questions ask .  See the bottom of the page to know more of basic eligibility . Simply return the product to our office in Wauchope . And you will get your refund in 14-21 days from the day we receive your return . All the terms and conditions of our extended warranty applies on this . To know more about the extended warranty policy click here

Returns of the products on normal warranty

If you change your mind after placing the order . You are eligible for a 75% refund(from the total invoiced amount)  withing 14 days of placing the order . Plus There will be 30 dollars handling fee . in other words there will be 25 % cancellation fee from the total invoice plus 30 dollar handling fee .

Returns and refund after 14 days before ship

if you still wants to cancel the order and refund we still can give you a partial refund there will be 70% refund plus 30 dollars handling fee .

Returns and refund after ship the product

Before every products manufactured we will send you the design and the amendments can be done until you are 100% satisfied with the design before the start of production .

Therefore it is highly unlikely you need a refund for the product . So if you are still not happy with the product you receive . You can only exchange the product . No refund accepted after we ship the product . Please read below to know about the conditions of accepting return , refund or exchange of products .

Items for exchange instead refund

If you are not entirely satisfied with the product you received . You can go for the option of exchange the product as we are not accepting refunds after the product is shipped . The exchanged product should be same in value or higher than the value of the return product . And shipping terms will be same as the first order . All you need to do is to send the exchange item to our office in Wauchope . Please see the bottom of the page for the eligibility of a return . This exchange is only valid for 14 days from the day you receive your product .

Eligibility for a refund or return

When we ship any product the items shipped get fully insured . So if you collect the product from the depot or if the terms are to collect products from the harbor or delivered to your door

Please check all the items carefully before you sign off the documents . There will be no refund or return for the damaged goods on shipping . If the product is damaged on shipping it can be claimed from the insurance company . Therefore check the items thoroughly before you sign off the documents and if you find any damages let the people involved know immediately . So the product insurance can be claimed . click here to read our FAQ page to know more information

All the returns and refunds will be approved after we inspect the goods . The items can’t be used , damaged or carry foreign objects attached .