Where are you located ?

Our office is in 1/4 Pine Crescent Boronia Vic 3155

What countries you can ship the products ?

We can ship to worldwide . Simply send us your inquiry with your address . One of our friendly staff will contact you with shipping details .

How about your warranty ?

Normal warranty covers 2 years stitches to stitch . How ever there is an option for extend warranty with much more benefits . Blowers got 1 year normal warranty .

What types of payments you accept ?

At the moment we accept direct bank transfers only , Credit card payments are temporary discontinued .

Where should I pay to place the order ?

All payments should be made to our Australian bank account in Australian Dollars

How about your return and refund policy

Please read our return and refund policy here

How long do I need to wait to get products after placing the order ?

Normal shipping time will be 2-3 weeks . But depending on the situation it might be vary . We will take about 2-3 weeks for production . And assure you if all payment has been done on time . We will ship immediately once the production is done . Also there is a bit cheaper option available for total turn around time 8-10 weeks . If someone can wait bit longer they are able to save around $300-$1000 per order with this slow turn around time option.

Why there is a slow turn around time option ?

Many of our valued customers have previously made purchases from China and often compare our prices with those of Chinese suppliers. In response, we are excited to offer them the opportunity to obtain Australian Standard products at more competitive prices. It is important to note, however, that we prioritise maintaining the highest standards of quality and warranty. Therefore, we are unable to reduce production costs, as doing so would compromise the level of service we provide to our customers. Nevertheless, for those who are willing to wait, this option presents the best opportunity to acquire exceptional products at a more affordable price.

How about the warranty for customized inflatables you produce ?

Every commercial grade inflatable we produce eligible for warranty of 2 years .

where are the products shipped from ?

Most of the time products will be shipped from our factory in overseas . But stock items will be shipped from our office in VIC

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