Extended warranty

What is our extended warranty

Our extended warranty is an exclusive scheme we offer for all our premium customers . With any product you buy from us you can also purchase extended warranty . What it does is , it adds extra 2 years warranty for the product plus some super benefits for every purchase . It doesn’t matter how many items you purchase from Australian Inflatables you are eligible to purchase extended warranty .

What’s covered?

You can purchase extended warranty with every order you place . There are no restrictions

Eligible items with a valid original Australian Inflatable certificate gets extra 2 years of warranty .

All items you purchase with extended warranty , eligible for return and full refund withing 14 days after you receive the goods .

All products with extended warranty will receive an extra blower addition to the one you receive with the original order .

The original blower you get with the main order gets 1 year warranty if the order was purchased with extended warranty .

Additional 5% discount will apply on your next order if you purchase extended warranty for an order worth $5000 or more*


Claim and time frames for warranty

All returns must be notified withing 14 days to be eligible for a return . Extended warranty period will start from the day you purchase the product .

Total warranty period will not exceed 4 years .

You must provide the extended warranty card issued by Australian Inflatables in order to privilege these options .

Please refer to one of our friendly staff to know more