Party Time: The 10 Best Inflatable Games for Adults And Kids

The 10 Best Inflatable Games for Adults And Kids

When organising an notable occasion, be it a child’s birthday celebration, a corporate team-building exercise or a neighbourhood block party, inflatable activities provide an thrilling and participative means of involving guests of all ages. These vivid, air-filled constructions transform any gathering into a festival of merriment, rivalry and mutual delight. This article examines the realm of inflatable activities, from long-standing favourites to innovative choices that cater to both children and adults alike such as jumping castles. A range of inflatable options as well as factors to consider for health, safety and enjoyment will be discussed.​

With the stresses of modern life, we could all benefit from temporary reconnection with our inner child. Thoughtfully curated events allowing adults brief escape into lighter forms of play can foster levity and connection. Whether your goal is community bonding or simple merriment, inflatable concepts translated for a mature audience hold promise. Proper vendors can advise on installations suited to capacity and safety, while preserving the spirit of wonder we sometimes neglect in adulthood. With creativity and care, even standard amusements may inspire new perspective and community among guests granted permission to recapture youthful abandon, if only for an evening.

1. Electric Bull ( Mechanical Bull )

When planning for adult entertainment at events or gatherings, purchasing a mechanical bull is a popular choice. This inflatable ride provides dynamic motion that is certain to inject excitement and energy into proceedings.

Having a mechanical bull at your event guarantees to fully engage and enthral guests for extended periods of time. As riders endeavour to stay seated atop the moving apparatus, the challenge level increases over the duration, especially as celebrations continue and alcoholic beverages are consumed.

To foster a spirited and competitive atmosphere amongst attendees, we recommend establishing a leaderboard system to record the highest scores achieved by bull riders. Presenting an attractive prize, such as a premium bottle of spirits or selection of lottery tickets, to the highest-scoring participant is all but certain to spark friendly competition and ensure all have a truly memorable experience that will be discussed for some time to come.

2. Bubble Bowling

Bubble bowling is an exciting novelty game that involves participants rolling down an inflatable alley inside a large inflatable ball, or ‘zorb’, with the aim of knocking over pins at the end, similar to traditional ten-pin bowling. The objective is to score strikes and spares by manoeuvring skilfully within the zorb to aim accurately at the pins. Once inside, players can roll, spin and position themselves to achieve the best shot and knock the pins down.

How to play the game

To play, participants first climb into a transparent, inflatable sphere known as the zorb. Effectively becoming the bowling ball itself, they then roll down the lengthy inflatable alley. As momentum builds, they must balance and steer precisely towards the waiting pins. Maintaining stability while navigating the bounce of the zorb tests their coordination.

Bubble bowling offers a novel experience that stands apart from conventional bowling. It appeals to both children and adults alike, transcending age barriers to be inclusive for all. The amusing scenes of participants spinning in zorbs create memorable photo opportunities. It also encourages friendly competition and social interaction between players.

Features of this game

Key features of bubble bowling include a sizeable inflatable alley typically around 40 feet in length and 17 feet wide, providing a spacious play area. The zorb creates a cushioned, bouncy environment ensuring safety during play. Participants often find the experience highly amusing as they roll and bounce, often laughing uncontrollably, down the alley. The portable nature of bubble bowling means it can be played both indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile option.

3. Bungee Race ( Bungee Run Game )

Bungee Run Dual Lane is an inflatable game played on an inflatable track, where two participants wearing bungee harnesses strive to run as far as possible down the lane before the elastic cords pull them back.

The game of bungee run

Participants sprint forward, extending the bungee cords, experiencing the exhilarating snap-back effect as they reach the cords’ limit. It provides a thrilling challenge combining strength, speed and endurance.

Example Variations:

Distance Challenge: Test players’ strength and stamina. Participants each have three attempts to run as far as possible before recoil.

Basketball: A hoop is installed at the lane’s end. Players must shoot balls into the hoop while still experiencing bungee resistance. Skill and balance are crucial. Look on this bungee basket ball game for an example.

Transfer: Competitors vie to transfer the most stickers between locations, with placement varying difficulty.

Soap Challenge: Soap on the track creates an extra slippery element, combining struggle with humour.

Tug-of-War: Two tethered competitors or teams pull against each other in an inflatable arena, an intriguing concept not yet a marketed product.

It offers physical fun with laughter and challenge, suitable for varying ages, capturing memorable moments. Companies rent inflatable tracks, and tracks can be purchased for repeated private use. In summary, Bungee Run promises memorable social and adrenaline-fueled experiences for events large and small.

4. Jousting ( Gladiator Joust Arena )

Inflatable Gladiator Joust Arena provides competitive and thrilling gameplay for events and activities. Participants battle atop inflatable pedestals within an inflatable structure, using foam-padded jousting poles to defend their position or knock opponents off.

Features of this inflatable game

Key features include double-stitched reinforced seams, durable jump surfaces, and secure anchoring via metal rings or ropes. Suitable for both children and adults, it brings out competitive spirit inclusively. Inspired by American Gladiators, this game transports players back to epic battles while providing exercise. Memorable photo opportunities capture dramatic clashes.

Companies offer rental inflatable jousting arenas. Alternatively, purchasing your own set enables repeated use. In summary, Inflatable Gladiator Joust Arena promises adrenaline-pumping fun, friendly rivalry and unforgettable memories. Amazon offers an option with combat poles and blower, perfect for diverse ages.

5. Hippo Chow Down

Exploring the Excitement of the Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game
This interactive game takes inspiration from the beloved childhood game “Hungry Hungry Hippos” and transforms it into a life-sized, inflatable arena experience.

Game Concept

Participants are transformed into iconic hippo characters, competing within an inflatable arena to collect as many balls as possible within a set timeframe. Each player wears a harness connected to an elastic cord. When started, they dash towards the centre to grab balls, returning them to designated areas. The elastic cord adds challenge, pulling players back as they reach.

Features of this Hungry hippo chow down game

The colourful, oversized inflatable arena resembles a hippo’s mouth. The elastic tension adds excitement and unpredictability. Participants chase, collect and compete, resulting in engaged play and laughter. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Reasons for Choosing: It allows reliving nostalgia from the classic board game on a large scale. It provides physical activity and encourages friendly competition or teamwork. Opportunities exist to capture memorable moments of engaged play.

There is a big demand for this product in Australia. Therefore it might be a good ROI for your business. Considering adding this game is recommended to engage participants of any age group.

6. Sticky Wall

Let us explore the exciting world of inflatable castle sticky wall games. Also known as bar fly velcro walls, this interactive activity takes the classic concept of velcro suits and inflatables to new heights, creating a memorable experience for participants of all ages. The inflatable castle wall invites participants to don a specially designed suit and ascend the castle – an oversized inflatable velcro panel.


The goal is straightforward – launch oneself at the velcro wall and adhere like an insect. Participants bounce upon the inflatable base, before clinging to the upright velcro surface. Players are equipped with sturdy suits fitted with velcro patches, before taking a running jump and propelling onto the bouncy platform. The velcro wall catches them mid-air, resulting in amusing and gravity-defying scenarios. An operator assists participants down due to the substantial stickiness of the velcro.

Why choose inflatable castle wall games:

  • Novelty: A novel twist on traditional fairground activities.
  • Engagement: Participants are compelled by the challenge of defying gravity.
  • Crowd appeal: Whether at festivals, fairs or corporate gatherings, the activity attracts curious onlookers.
  • Versatility: Its compact size allows indoor or outdoor setup.

Available to purchase from Australian Inflatables

If your business is specialized in inflatable games or starting to expand. We recommend incorporating this crowd-pleasing activity at your next event. See videos of “Bar Fly Velcro Walls” in action online.

7. Eliminator

This adrenaline-pumping game tests participants’ stamina, agility and reactions like no other. The Eliminator Meltdown is an 8-player action game housed within a 30′ x 30′ octagonal inflatable arena. Players must stand on removable podiums inside the arena and avoid being hit by two spinning boom arms whilst maintaining their balance – it is truly a test of nerve and athleticism.

Safety of Australian Inflatables manufactured eliminator inflatable game

Safety is paramount in any such activity and the inflatable structure ensures participants can enjoy the experience safely, whilst the spinning arms add an element of excitement. We can manufacture those with soft inflatable pillows. The vivid theme creates a visually striking environment with its contrasting colours. Suitable for all ages, the Eliminator is ideal for engaging attendees at corporate events, school fundraisers or large parties alike. Memorable moments can be captured as participants demonstrate their agility dodging the spinning boom arms.

It offers a thrilling challenge akin to being a contestant on a television game show. Up to 8 players can compete simultaneously, making it perfect for team-building activities or family gatherings. The unpredictable nature of the spinning arms keeps everyone guessing how best to maintain their balance.

Offers of this eliminator inflatable game

We offer this product in a very affordable package deal. Whether hosting a community fair, birthday party or team event, this inflatable game promises laughter, camaraderie and competitive fun for all through its high-energy and memorable experience. For visual inspiration, videos of the Eliminator Meltdown in action are recommended.

8. Buzzer Beater

This dynamic basketball game offers participants an opportunity to showcase their skills in a competitive environment while fostering camaraderie. The Buzzer Beater inflatable basketball game comprises vibrant inflatable structures resembling mini basketball courts, allowing for both individual play and team-based interactions.

Gameplay involves scoring baskets within a set timeframe, with balls transferring randomly between courts. This element of unpredictability keeps all players engaged as quick thinking and reflexes become paramount. Supporting a minimum of four but up to eight participants, it scales well for varying event needs.

Great entertainer and active sport event for Adults and Kids alike

For hosts and guests alike, the Buzzer Beater presents an enjoyable means of friendly competition with opportunities for improvement. Its appeal spans ages and abilities, ensuring inclusivity. For those seeking an interactive option to enliven their next event, the Inflatable Buzzer Beater Basketball Game offers excitement, collaboration and experiences to last in an engaging format.

9. gaga ball pit

This interactive game called Gaga inflatable ball pit combines elements of dodgeball, striking, running, and jumping, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for participants of all ages.

Game Description

Commonly known simply as “Gaga,” Gaga Ball is a fast-paced, high-energy sport played within an inflatable enclosure or pit.Players aim to hit opponents below the knees with a soft ball while avoiding being hit themselves. Participants dodge, strike, and jump, attempting to eliminate opponents by striking them with the ball. The final player remaining wins each round. Success requires a blend of skill, strategy, and quick reflexes.

Key Features

Arena: The Gaga Ball pit resembles a circular , octagonal or square enclosure, often constructed from durable materials such as nylon mesh or PVC.The soft ball and low target area below the knees allow inclusive play for all age groups.Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, enabling play at schools, community centres, camps, and social events.

Simple Rules: Straightforward regulations permit swift setup and involvement from all.


Inclusiveness: People of all ages and abilities can participate.

Physical Activity: It encourages fitness and coordination through movement.

Social Interaction: Gaga fosters friendly competition and camaraderie.

Efficiency: Minimal equipment is required – only an inflatable pit and soft ball.

10. Jungle Maze

Navigate your way to an arvo of epic fun with our top-notch Inflatable Maze, where every turn is a new adventure just waiting to happen. This Aussie-made labyrinth by Australian Inflatables is a beaut for kiddos and grown-ups alike, keen on a bit of a mental and physical jog. It’s a piece of cake to set up in your backyard, at a fair, or during a community do, and it’s even easier to pack down—no worries, no fuss! This inflatable gem is durable as they come, ready to tackle the enthusiastic play of the whole mob. So, rally up the troops for a bit of a challenge, some hearty laughs, and a good old-fashioned race to find yer way out. Crikey, it’s good fun!

The Best Inflatable Games for Adults

It is a common misconception that inflatable games are solely intended for children’s entertainment. However, those in the know understand that bounce houses and other inflatables provide fun and competition for all ages. If you wish for your next social gathering to be a lively success with guests actively engaged, then incorporating an inflatable game is a surefire strategy.

When selecting an inflatable, consider the demographics of your guest list. For adult parties, opt for inflatables with competitive elements like obstacle courses, slides or games of skill. team-oriented inflatables are also popular choices as they encourage interaction and laughter between friends.

Safety guaranteed for Adults kids like wise

Safety is of utmost importance with any inflatable. Only purchase from reputable suppliers that conduct thorough quality checks and provide comprehensive safety instructions. Ensure adequate space is allowed around the inflatable and supervise children at all times in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

With the right precautions and the selection of a suitable inflatable game for your attendees, you can rest assured that your event will be filled with smiles, cheers and memories to last far beyond the fun. For more ideas on games to entertain guests of all ages, please explore our full product catalogue.

Just looking to purchase jumping castles ?

This article explores the range of inflatable structures produced by Australian Inflatables the only 100% Australian owned manufacturer for commercial leisure applications. A wide variety of interactive play equipment and jumping castles for sale, catering to different age groups and event types. Popular options and safety considerations are discussed. Guidance is provided on selecting appropriate products to help ensure children have an enjoyable experience in a safe, supervised environment. Overall this manufacturer offers a trusted solution for those seeking to incorporate inflatable play into their business events and activities.