Inflatable Water Slide Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Grade Slide

You have made a fantastic decision to enhance the excitement at your family gatherings this summer by investing in an inflatable water slide. However, it is crucial to note that commercial grade inflatable water slides come in various shapes, sizes, and quality levels. Before impulsively purchasing the first vibrant slide you come across, it is essential to conduct thorough research. By doing so, you can ensure that you acquire a slide that will provide maximum enjoyment for many years to come. This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in selecting an inflatable water slide that suits your specific requirements and budget. By the conclusion of this article, you will possess all the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision and choose a slide that will bring joy to you and your family for countless summers ahead. Remember, the scorching heat won’t last forever, so let’s embark on this journey now.

Size and Height: How Big Should Your Inflatable Water Slide Be?

When choosing an inflatable water slide for your business or event, size definitely matters. Go too small and you’ll disappoint thrill-seekers, but go too big and you’ll overwhelm your space. The ideal size depends on your location and target audience.

For most families and events, a medium slide is a perfect choice. These are typically 4 to 5 metres wide and 8 to 8.5 metres long, with raised platforms for extra excitement and larger splash pools. Popular models in this range include the Tropical Marble and the Double Lane water slide, which are big enough for multiple riders but still compact.

If you want to make a real splash, consider a large inflatable water slide. These eye-catching attractions average 6 to 9 metres tall and often come in two sections for added thrills. The Double Splash and Triple Splash are popular big ticket items for resorts, camps and fundraisers. However, these monster slides require a substantial space and investment, so make sure you have the proper facilities and budget.

For the biggest adrenaline rush, extra-large custom builds are available, some up to 20 metres high with multiple lanes and tunnels. But with great size comes great responsibility, so these massive slides are best left to major theme parks.

Whatever size you choose, look for a reputable company that builds to recognised safety standards, like Australian Inflatables’ commercial grade water slides. Their inflatables are designed for heavy use and built tough to stand up to excited sliders, ensuring your thrill ride is a splash hit rather than a wipe out!

Safety: Ensure Your Water Slide Meets Industry Standards

When choosing an inflatable water slide for commercial use, safety should be your top priority. Look for slides that meet industry standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Australian Standards (AS).

  • CPSC standards require a minimum water depth of 3 feet for inflatable slides. This helps prevent injuries from collisions with the pool bottom. Slides should also pass CPSC’s 48 performance tests to ensure structural integrity and safety.
  • Australian Standard AS 3533 sets additional safety standards for inflatable playground equipment. Commercial grade slides certified to AS 3533 undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can handle the demands of frequent use and high volumes of riders.
  • Proper slide installation and supervision are also critical. Choose a reputable company that will set up the slide correctly and provide trained operators. Slide attendants should actively monitor riders to enforce rules like sliding feet first only in the proper position.
  • Consider the slide’s maximum rider weight, height requirements, and number of lanes to suit your needs. A slide that is too small or large for your primary users could lead to unsafe overcrowding or exclude some riders.
  • Look for additional safety features like non-slip surfaces, grab handles, and splash pools at the exit. These help riders maintain control and exit the slide smoothly.

By choosing a commercial grade slide that meets key industry standards, following all safety rules, and properly supervising riders, you can offer an exciting water slide experience while minimising risks. Focusing on safety will ensure your inflatable water slide provides family fun for years to come.

Material: Choose a Durable and Puncture-Resistant Material Like PVC or TPU

As leading professionals within the jumping castle industry, we cannot emphasise enough the significance of the material selection when purchasing an inflatable water slide. The durability and safety of your product are directly tied to the quality of the material used. We strongly advocate for the use of robust materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), renowned for their longevity and resistance to wear. While these superior materials may demand a higher initial investment compared to more economical alternatives, the payoff comes in the form of enhanced safety and extended product lifespan. In this industry, cutting corners on quality can lead to safety risks and customer dissatisfaction. Hence, prioritising top-quality materials like PVC or TPU when choosing your inflatable water slide is a sound and professional business strategy

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

  • PVC is a popular, cost-effective material used in many commercial inflatable water slides.
  • PVC slides are resistant to damage from weather, temperature changes, and sun exposure.
  • However, PVC can become brittle over time and in very cold temperatures. It also requires more maintenance to prevent fading and material deterioration.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

  • TPU is a high-performance elastomer material that is more durable and weather-resistant than PVC.
  • TPU slides have greater puncture and tear resistance, so they last longer.
  • TPU material is also more flexible, so slides retain their shape better and are more comfortable.
  • Although TPU slides have a higher upfront cost, their longevity and lower maintenance needs make them a smart investment for heavy or long-term use.

When choosing between PVC or TPU for an inflatable water slide, consider how often and intensely the slide will be used. For recreational home use, a PVC slide should work great for many seasons if properly maintained. However, for commercial use at a park, camp or event venue, a TPU slide is the superior choice for safety, durability and extended longevity.

Whichever material you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to:

  1. Regularly inspect for damage or tears and patch as needed.
  2. Deflate and properly store the slide when not in use to avoid weathering.
  3. Disinfect and clean the slide between uses to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  4. Not exceed the maximum weight capacity to prevent injury.

By selecting a high-quality, durable material and properly maintaining your inflatable water slide, you’ll keep thrill-seekers safe and happy for years to come!

Features: Consider Extra Features Such as Splash Pools, Climbing Walls and Obstacle Courses

When buying a commercial grade inflatable water slide, Consider a supplier who got professional capabilities to maximize the fun. The science behind inflatable water slides is fascinating: the smooth, frictionless surface reduces resistance, allowing for thrilling speeds and an exhilarating ride down the slide. Adding extra features can dramatically amplify the fun quotient of your inflatable water slide. Consider incorporating elements like splash pools, climbing walls, and obstacle courses. These additions can transform a simple slide into an action-packed, aquatic adventure playground, providing endless hours of entertainment and making it an irresistible purchase for those looking to boost their leisure activities. Remember, a more engaging product translates to more interested customers or escalated fun activities for family.

Splash Pools

Introducing our exhilarating water slide experience! Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you plunge down our thrilling slides, guaranteed to leave you with a splash of excitement! With our attached splash pools, you’ll experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you reach the end of the slide and make a refreshing splash landing. For those special events, we offer the flexibility of removable pools that can be effortlessly set up at the bottom of the slide. Whether you choose the attached or removable pool option, our slides promise an exhilarating journey that culminates in a satisfying and invigorating splash. Get ready to make a splash and create lasting memories with our incredible water slide experience!

Climbing Walls

For the ultimate thrill ride, look for slides with attached rock climbing walls. Climb to the top and zoom down twisting, turning slides for an adrenaline rush like no other. Climbing walls also provide another activity so guests aren’t just waiting in line for the slides.

Obstacle Courses

The most exciting inflatable water slides include obstacle courses with features like:

  • Crawl tubes: Navigate tight, twisting tubes that lead to slides.
  • Pop-ups: Surprise obstacles that “pop up” in the middle of the course.
  • Balance beams: Test your skills walking a narrow beam 6 feet in the air.
  • Slides: Zip down slides of varying heights, angles and paths.

Obstacle courses challenge both kids and adults with a variety of activities for maximum fun. They also give guests more options so the entire park stays active and engaged.

While a single slide can provide entertainment, extra features transform an inflatable water slide into an unforgettable experience. Splash pools, climbing walls and obstacle courses mean more thrills, less waiting and fun for all ages. When buying a commercial grade slide, consider how these add-ons can take your inflatable water park to the next level. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and features so you can create a custom aquatic adventure that will make a splash in your community.

Rental Potential of the commercial slide you buy

When considering the option of renting out an inflatable, it is essential to take into account its potential appeal to potential renters. By incorporating enticing features such as splash pools, climbing walls, and obstacle courses, you can significantly enhance its rental potential. These additional elements not only provide an extra level of excitement and enjoyment for renters but also offer a unique and memorable experience. By investing in an inflatable with these attractive features, you can attract a wider range of renters and maximise your rental income.

Warranty and After-Sales Support: Look for at Least a 1-2 Year Warranty and Local Customer Service

Look for at Least a 1-2 Year Warranty and Local Customer Service

When investing in a commercial grade inflatable water slide, the warranty and after-sales support offered by the manufacturer is crucial. You want a guarantee that covers the main components for at least 2 years, and wearing parts for a minimum of 12 months. Anything less means you could be left with an expensive slide that needs major repairs shortly after purchasing.

  • A reputable company will stand by their products and want to keep customers happy. Look for manufacturers that offer:
  • Extended warranty options you can purchase for added peace of mind.
  • A local customer service department in your country that you can call directly with questions or if issues arise. Avoid companies where you have to ship products overseas for repairs.
  • Easy to find information on their website about warranty inclusions, the claims process, and contact information for support. If details seem hidden or hard to locate, it may indicate poorer service.
  • Consider the lifespan of different components and how long parts may last with regular commercial use. Heavy-duty PVC or vinyl materials, seams, baffles, straps, and fasteners will deteriorate over time and with weather exposure, even with proper care and maintenance. Quality manufacturing and materials will prolong the life, but moving parts and high-wear areas will still need replacing.
  • Think about the cost to repair or replace major slide sections or components once the warranty has ended. It may be worth paying a higher initial price for a slide with a more comprehensive and longer-lasting guarantee. After all, the warranty provides reassurance and helps ensure your investment will last for many summers of family fun to come!

When buying an inflatable water slide, don’t just consider the upfront cost. Look at the total value including after-sales support. A reputable company that stands behind their products will give you peace of mind and help maximise your return on investment. Their guarantee and customer service are worth paying extra for.

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So now you’re equipped with the knowledge to make an informed buying decision and invest in a commercial grade inflatable water slide that will provide years of enjoyment. Don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality and safest model that suits your needs and budget. Do your research, check reviews and ask suppliers lots of questions. When set up in your backyard, a commercial slide creates the perfect opportunity for laughter, memories and bringing people together. You’ll quickly become the favourite house on the block and the go-to location for the best summer parties. Buying an inflatable water slide is a big investment, but also a chance to create priceless moments and experiences that you’ll cherish for years to come. The excitement and joy from both kids and adults alike will make it all worthwhile.