Why We Took Over Australian Inflatables Factory: A Message From the New Owners

As the new owners of Australia’s largest inflatables factory, we are excited to announce some major changes coming your way. For over 25 years, this factory has been producing high-quality inflatables enjoyed by families and businesses across the country. When the opportunity arose to take over ownership, we saw enormous potential to improve operations, increase efficiency, and pass those benefits directly onto our valued customers.

Over the coming months, you will notice faster production times, lower prices, and an expanded range of products to choose from. We have invested heavily in new manufacturing equipment and fabric technologies to ensure we are making the most innovative, durable and safe inflatables on the market. Our team of designers and engineers are busy creating new products for people of all ages to enjoy.

This is an exciting new chapter, and we look forward to continuing to spread the joy of inflatables to communities across Australia. The future is bright, affordable and designed to put a smile on your face. We are ready to inflate some fun!

Growing Demand for High Quality Inflatables in Australia

As the new owners of Australian Inflatables, we are committed to growing the company into a leader in commercial-grade inflatables both domestically and internationally.

  • The inflatables market in Australia is poised for significant growth, with demand increasing for products like inflatable slides, jumping castles, and obstacle courses, especially from schools, events companies, and leisure centres. Industry experts forecast the inflatables market in Australia to reach $919.34 million in 2023, growing at 6.75% annually.
  • Australian Inflatables is uniquely positioned to capture a sizable portion of this growth. For over 20 years, we have been the go-to destination for high-quality, heavy-duty inflatables that can withstand intensive commercial use. Our products are renowned for their safety, durability and innovation.
  • As new owners, we are committed to accelerating growth through:
  • Expanding our product range to meet emerging demands, e.g. larger slides, interactive games.
  • Improving our online presence to reach more customers across Australia and beyond.
  • Investing in the latest production equipment and technology to increase output, reduce costs, and set new quality standards.
  • Providing even better customer service through additional staff training and a new call centre.
  • Exploring export opportunities, especially in Europe, Asia and the Middle East where demand for commercial inflatables is also increasing rapidly.

We believe Australian Inflatables has the potential to become a globally recognised brand. With your support, we are ready to take this iconic Australian company to the world.

Commitment to Quality: Why We Chose to Take Over This Factory

As the new owners of Australian Inflatables, Element Solutions Inc is committed to upholding and improving the high standards of quality that customers have come to expect. We chose to acquire this well-established factory because of:

  • Its focus on premium, commercial-grade inflatable products. For over 25 years, Australian Inflatables has specialised in heavy-duty inflatables for commercial use. Their products are renowned for durability, safety and performance.
  • A skilled, experienced workforce. The factory employs seasoned professionals with expertise in welding, cutting and sewing industrial-strength PVC and vinyl fabrics. These tradesmen take pride in their craft and have honed their skills over many years.
  • An efficient manufacturing process. Stringent quality control measures are embedded in every stage of production using state-of-the-art welding and sewing equipment. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets strict Australian standards before being approved for sale.
  • A trusted reputation. Australian Inflatables has built a loyal customer base through a proven track record of premium products, great service and competitive pricing. As the new owners, we are fully committed to upholding these high standards and continuous improvement.

By choosing to take over this reputable company rather than build a new factory, we have gained an experienced manufacturing partner to help us achieve our mission of providing customers with the highest quality, safest and most durable inflatable products on the market. Together, we aim to strengthen and grow the Australian Inflatables brand globally.

Expanding Production to Meet Australia-Wide Demand

Increased Production Capabilities

As the new owners of Australia’s largest inflatables factory, we recognised the opportunity to expand production to meet increasing demand across Australia. Manufacturing activity has strengthened over the past year, and demand for commercial-grade inflatable products has grown significantly.

Investing in New Equipment and Staff

To facilitate increased production, we invested heavily in new manufacturing equipment and additional staff. New heat sealers, cutting machines, and digital printers have improved efficiency and quality. We hired and trained more sewers, fabric cutters, and quality control technicians. These investments have boosted our output by over 50% compared to the previous year.

Wider Range of Products

With greater production capacity, we have expanded our product range to over 200 items. This includes everything from small advertising blimps to massive obstacle courses, slides, and amusement park rides. We now offer more size, style, and colour options to suit any need. New products are continuously developed based on customer feedback and the latest market trends.

Australia-Wide Distribution

To provide customers across Australia with fast, affordable shipping, we have opened new distribution centres in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Hobart. Most items can now be delivered within 3 to 5 business days anywhere in Australia. For particularly large products, we also offer installation services to ensure proper set-up and operation.

By investing in equipment, staff, an expanded product range, and improved distribution, we aim to make Australia’s inflatables factory a leader in commercial-grade inflatables for years to come. Meeting demand from all areas of this vast continent is a challenge we eagerly accept to support businesses, events, and communities across Australia. The future remains bright for manufacturing in Australia, and we are proud to contribute to its continued success.

Improving Customer Service and Experience

As the new owners of Australian Inflatables, we are committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience. We believe this focus will set us apart in an increasingly competitive market.

Empowering Our Employees

We know that empowered, engaged employees lead to satisfied customers. We have invested in ongoing training and development for our staff to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to assist customers. Employees are also encouraged to make decisions that will benefit the customer, rather than strictly following policy. This autonomy and trust in our staff will translate into a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.

A Clear Brand Message

We want our brand to be synonymous with high quality, durable inflatables at affordable prices. All of our marketing communications will reinforce this message to shape customer expectations. This includes consistent messaging across our website, social media, advertising, and in-store promotions. With a clear brand promise, customers will know exactly what they are getting when they purchase from Australian Inflatables.

Understanding Customer Churn

While attracting new customers is important, retaining existing customers is equally critical. We will actively monitor customer churn rates and the reasons behind customers leaving us. This could include issues with product quality, pricing, delivery times or customer service. By pinpointing the causes of churn, we can make targeted improvements to better meet customer needs and boost loyalty and retention.

Through focusing on employee empowerment, brand messaging and reducing customer churn, we aim to create an unforgettable customer experience with Australian Inflatables. We believe that happy, loyal customers will be key to our success and growth. By putting the customer first, we can build a sustainable business and become Australia’s leading commercial inflatables company.

FAQs: Questions About the Change in Ownership and How It Affects You

As the new owners of Australian Inflatables, we understand you may have questions about what this transition means and how it impacts you, our valued customers. We aim to address your most frequently asked questions here.

Will the product prices increase?

  • We are implementing major changes to our delivery system . We found out the biggest issue customers faced is the delay in product delivery . Therefore we address that issue first by contracting faster shipping partners . Therefore you might find bit increase in price . But if you prefer the waiting game you can ask us to use the older shipping method .

What will happen to my existing order which hasn’t delivered yet?

We’ve made sure all products will be delivered by the end of June as the new ownership will take effect from July . And all new quotations you receive will be with the new price structure new owners implemented.

How will this affect the products and services I receive?

  • We are committed to continuing to provide the same high-quality, innovative inflatable products and superior customer service you have come to expect from Australian Inflatables. Our goal in acquiring this company is to build upon its legacy and take the brand to even greater heights while upholding the values of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction that have defined it. You should experience no changes in the products, ordering, shipping or any other processes as a result of this transition. But expect it to increase in quality.
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns about how this change in ownership affects you or your experience with Australian Inflatables, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to make this transition as seamless as possible for our valued customers. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty.


As we look to the future, our vision is clear. We aim to transform Australia’s inflatables industry by focusing on unparalleled quality, safety and customer service. By investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and rigorous product testing, we will set a new standard for excellence that benefits both businesses and families across the country. Though change can be difficult, we are committed to a seamless transition and building on the legacy of a company that has brought joy to so many over the years. The new chapter we are writing together starts today. We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you for generations to come. The future is bright.