Why you should buy commercial grade water slides from reputed supplier

Are you looking for a fun, safe and exciting way to bring your family together or set up an outdoor activity at your business premises? One of the best options available today is investing in a top-quality Australian Standard commercial grade inflatable water slide! With its colorful prints, vibrant colors, durable materials and unique features, this low maintenance water slide can provide hours of entertainment for everyone. Plus when bought from a reputed manufacturer like us you get piece of mind knowing that all slides comply with safety regulations – providing you with peace of mind when making an investment. Read on to discover just why buying a commercial grade water slide from reliable supplier should be your top choice.

Australian Standard Manufacturing

At Australian Inflatables, our top priority is ensuring the high quality of our products to give you long lasting enjoyment. That’s why we guarantee that all manufacturing adheres to Australian Standards when you buy from us. And because our reliable shipping services can reach anywhere across Australia completely stress-free, we offer a range payment plans so you can pick the one that’s best suited for your budget. Confidence in buying from Australian Inflatables starts here!

Design Your Perfect Australian Standard Inflatable Water Slide

Create your ideal custom designed inflatable water slide with our expert team. With unique customization options, our customer service guarantees that no detail is overlooked in creating your perfect match! we understand that personalization is key to cater to each of our customer’s requirements. That’s why when you purchase a water slide with us, you have the chance to customize yours any way you’d like! Customize everything from size and shape to the intricate details found in every design; there is no look you can’t create. Plus, our expert team is on hand and ready to aid you in designing the perfect water slide for your exact needs! Don’t settle for average – make sure that your experience with us yields nothing but perfection. Our fusion of customization options and professional service ensures that you get exactly what you need, just when and how you want it. Call us today and find your match made in heaven here at Australian inflatables!

Where to Source Australian Stamped Commercial Inflatable Water Slides for Your Family or Business Party Supply Needs

As the hot summer days loom ahead, it’s vital to have a plan for fighting off high temperatures. With an air conditioner, electrical fan or cool shower, you may be able to beat the heat – but where is the fun in that?

Consider something much more thrilling: renting or buying a water toy! Water toys bring hours of entertainment and are ideal when it comes to enhancing your outdoor adventure. From slides to trampolines and action figures, these aquatic activities come in all shapes and sizes.

But questions remain: is it better to buy or rent a water toy for your pool? In this article, we’ll educate you on the pros and cons associated with each option, respectively, so you can be confident about making the right decision at checkout. We’ll even throw in some helpful hints based on our experts’ many years of aquatic knowledge. By reading until the end of this article, you’ll gain all of the insight necessary to become an expert when it comes to purchasing a water toy for your backyard paradise!

But it is imperative that safety standards for inflatable water slide are met when using them. That being said, Australian Inflatables can provide a suitable solution for you. Of course, these products can be acquired locally from Australian Inflatables too, and you can also learn why and how you should buy water slides there!

How to choose perfect fitting inflatable water slides for your family or party hire business

Choosing the perfect fitting blow up slide for your family or party hire business can be an overwhelming task. You want to make sure you get the most out of your purchase, so it’s important to consider a few key factors when purchasing a water slide.

First and foremost, safety should always be your top priority. Look for slides made with durable materials that will stand up to heavy use and won’t easily tear or wear down over time. Also, check for any certifications such as AS/NZS 4423:2019 (Australian and New Zealand standard for commercial inflatables) that show the product has been tested according to strict standards of safety. Make sure all components are securely attached and cannot easily come off while in use. It’s also a good idea to look at the details of any warranty offered by the manufacturer—this can provide peace of mind that you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong with the slide in the future. Lucky for you Australian Inflatables standards and prices are something you can’t say no to.

The size, type, and shape of water slides are also important factors to consider when choosing one for your family or business. In order to accommodate everyone who will want to enjoy a wet ride, you’ll need one that is large enough but not too big for the space you have allocated. Some come with additional sections where riders can climb up onto a platform before sliding down again into the pool below. And there are even curved models that provide more options than a traditional straight slide would offer.

It pays to do some research beforehand too—look around online at pictures and videos of different models before making your final decision on which one is best suited for you. Finally, make sure to check out any special features that might add extra enjoyment like splash pools or inflatable obstacles along with other accessories like mats and hoses (with appropriate connectors). With careful consideration beforehand, finding the perfect water slide for your family or party hire business should be easy!

We highly recommend buying from a company with Australian representation, as it will be far easier to claim a warranty if something goes wrong. Furthermore, you may be able to assess the quality of the product before buying it, and you could save at least 10% of your money without any need for currency conversion.

Adult-Friendly Inflatable Water Slides: A Splash of Fun Down Under

Step up your summer game with our range of adult-friendly inflatable water slides, a true-blue Aussie way to beat the heat! These aren’t your typical kiddie slides; they’re grander, more thrilling, and perfectly sized for grown-ups seeking a splash of adventure. Crafted for durability and safety, our slides are an ideal blend of exhilarating fun and relaxation. Imagine sliding down into a world where laughter echoes and adrenaline soars – that’s the magic of our inflatable water slides for adults. Perfect for backyard barbies, beachside parties, or any gathering where fun is on the agenda, these slides promise unforgettable moments and heaps of laughs.

Experience the Thrill: Spaciously Tailored Adult Water Slides for Unforgettable Moments

Our selection caters to all tastes, from adrenaline-pumping giants that’ll give you a bit of a rush, to gentler slides perfect for a laid-back day in the sun. Set up is a cinch – inflate, connect, and splash into action in no time. Whether it’s for a backyard gathering, a special celebration, or just a weekend of fun, our slides promise to add a splash of excitement to any occasion.

As Australia’s trusted name in outdoor water fun, we’re committed to providing you with the best. Our Inflatable Water Slides for Adults are not just about having a good time; they’re about creating memorable experiences with safety and reliability at the forefront.

So, ready to add some splash to your summer? Dive into our collection of adult-sized blow-up water slides and make your next get-together an unforgettable one. It’s time to slide into fun, Aussie style!

an Exhilarating Adventure For Adults in Summer

In the heart of the Australian summer, these blowup water slides offer adults an extraordinary blend of excitement and nostalgia. These grandiose slides, designed with adult enjoyment in mind, provide not just a respite from the scorching heat but an exhilarating escapade. They are robustly constructed with premium materials, ensuring both safety and durability, a testament to the high standards observed in Australia.

Rekindle Your Youthful Spirit with adult inflatable water slides

Beyond their impressive size and strength, these slides encapsulate a sense of whimsical joy, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and laughter. They perfectly marry the simplicity of childhood fun with the sophistication of adult leisure, creating an immersive experience that resonates with every leap and splash.

As adults across the continent embrace these inflatable marvels, they rekindle a sense of youthful spirit, injecting a dose of zest into their summer gatherings. So, this season, surrender to the allure of these magnificent slides, and let the euphoria of an inflatable water adventure redefine your summer experiences. So why wait? Unleash your inner child and make this summer one for the books with a top-notch inflatable water slide, designed for the young at heart!

Avoid mistakes while purchasing your product

Choosing a blow up water slide for commercial usage can be a complicated process. Not only should buyers consider quality and safety features, but also longevity of the product. Regrettably, many shoppers make the mistake of going for more cost effective suppliers in China, But end up without warranty and plenty of importation charges. Unaware there can be various importing fees on their arrival in Australia. Fortunately, Australian Inflatables Factory has the answer! We design reliable commercial grade inflatables that are built to global standards and come with a one off price tag with no “hidden extras”. That way you can find precisely what you’re searching for without hassle or stress. To get better understanding please read this article.

What are the most suitable blow up slides for your purpose

Seems like this topic is more relevant for budding party hiring companies . Or rather families contemplating on what product is more suitable for them . Therefore we decided to give you some suggestions  . This is rather a list of products from our hot selling list . Therefore it includes big water slides and back yard water slides as well

Suggested hot selling blow up slides for party hire companies

cheap inflatable water slide

Are you looking for the perfect water slide to keep your family and customers entertained? We’ve got just the right product that fits everyone’s needs! Our first and most popular water slide is a great choice for both families and commercial facilities. With its superb pricing and well-crafted design, it promises maximum entertainment. We highly recommend including this in your inventory. Plus, we even suggest offering it to families seeking fun applications down below!

20 Feet High Double Bay Dry and Wet Slide

This dual lane water slide is flying off the shelves! With its market leading versatility, you can experience the thrill of a wet and wild water ride, but if the temperature drops, no problem – this classic slide also doubles as a dry ride. That’s why we hear our customers rave about the incredible joint value of quality and affordability! This is a slide that truly keeps giving long after it finds a home in your backyard or event. Offering plenty of splash time throughout any season – what more could you ask for? Get yours today for maximum summertime fun all year round!

Tropical Water Slide

Even though this tropical water slide saw a decline in sales compared to its’ first year of release, it appears that it still has the power to draw attention from commercial customers. Its’ eye-catching slides present grandiosity and excitement in any setting, and although there may have been a decrease in sales numbers initially, this iconic attraction is sure to find its place among potential buyers once again. With captivating effects along with the entertainment elements, this slide offers customers a unique opportunity for their companies or venues.

Cliff Hanger dry or wet slide

Are you ready? The Cliff Hanger slide is here! Whether you need an inflatable for your event or would like to add all new excitement to your armory, this cliffs hanger is the hottest selling and most exciting one yet. It offers unique and thrilling additions that are sure to make it a glamourous addition to any hiring list. What sets this cliffs hanger apart from, say, a traditional dry slide is that using cutting-edge technology we have created a dual wet and dry check, making it even more action-packed! Not only does this bring double the amount of excitement, but you’re also able to hire out all year ‘round. Now what are you waiting for? Get your unforgettable Cliff Hanger booked today!

Wipe out Dry/Wet inflatable Slide

With its sleek edge over the 20 feet high Double Bay Dry/Wet Slide, the Wipe Out slide has quickly become a sensation! However, with only one lane available, the entertainment value is limited. But fear not! This slide is made for maximum fun given its exciting wave curves that make climbing and sliding a once in a lifetime adventure. We at Australian Inflatables Factory believe that this product has huge potential to replace the outdated wipe out inflatable slides in sales projections and become an industry leader especially by 2023!

Suggested hot selling slides for family use

cheap inflatable water slide

Our comments above have no doubt seen grand success. Its versatility makes it equally popular amongst our big shot commercial customers, as well as enthusiastic family users. With its impeccable Standards and price, this has what it takes for any upcoming event to become every bit as delightful if not more. Therefore, making it the go to choice of many!

Dual lane rain bow slip and slide water slide

Introducing a brand new slip and slide water slide! Its sleek, direct design coupled with great visuals makes this popular with families everywhere; it’s no wonder this model of water slide is our recommended choice for those looking for an exciting way to experience summer. You’ll love the thrilling outdoors feeling of blasting down this sturdy slide and sliding into the pool afterwards – perfect for spending some quality time with recreational fun close to home. Set up in no time, you’ll soon marvel why you didn’t buy one earlier. Finally, great family memories made possible by everyone’s favorite slip and slide water slide!

Cheap Inflatable Water slide For Family

The name says it all – this low cost inflatable water slide is an absolute must for a family! We’ve seen a huge surge in demand for this product from families, so much so that we can say with confidence that it’s perfect for any kind of medium family gathering. You’ll be sure to make life last memories with something fun and affordable such as this!


We hope that this article has given you the insight and confidence to find a perfect inflatable water slide among our selection. Additionally, please make sure that any water slide is made with safety in mind. So make sure the product is made to global standards . Australian standard inflatables are  compulsory if you are using these products commercially . Adhering strictly to all the guidelines on Australian standards for commercial inflatables, we manufacture our products with care. . You may be just looking for a normal back yard water slide . Or sometimes you might be looking for big water slides we got all of those . Further more we are available for your assistance 24/7 so feel free to dial our number any time . So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range of inflatable water slides for sale today and take your event to the next level with Australian Inflatables!