Giant dual lane inflatable dry or wet slide

Elevate Any Event with the Giant Dual Lane Inflatable Slide! Perfect for every Aussie occasion, this mammoth slide offers dual lanes for competitive fun and the choice of a refreshing water slide or a dynamic dry run, ensuring limitless entertainment for families and thrill-seekers alike.

Take the party outdoors with the awe-inspiring Giant Dual Lane Inflatable Slide, a versatile addition to any event that guarantees to thrill both the young and the young at heart. With options for both a wild water ride and a dynamic dry slide, this inflatable giant is the perfect centerpiece for family gatherings, community events, or commercial funfairs across Australia. This product is not only can be used as an adults inflatable water slide but also it can use as a whole family entertainer.

Ultimate Slide Adventure

  • Thrilling Dual Lanes: Double the fun with spacious lanes, allowing for head-to-head action and less waiting time.
  • Wet or Dry Options: Choose a refreshing water slide experience for those hot Aussie days or keep it dry for year-round enjoyment.

Customization and Safety

  • Personalization: Available in various colours, tailor the slide to match your event’s theme or corporate branding with a complimentary logo placement.
  • Designed with Care: Engineered with extra length for a more exhilarating slip and safety features to prevent falls, ensuring every slide down is safe and spectacular.

Delivery options for this Giant dual lane inflatable dry or wet slide

Whether you’re in Sydney’s hustle, Melbourne’s charm, Canberra’s heartland, Brisbane’s buzz, Adelaide’s allure, Perth’s beauty, or the Gold Coast’s sun-kissed shores, we’ve got your delivery sorted. This Giant Dual Lane Inflatable Slide is more than a ride; it’s an unforgettable experience waiting to happen.


9m x 5m x 6.5m