Cliff Hanger dry or wet slide

Experience the thrill of literally hanging off a cliff, with Australian Inflatables’ Cliff Hanger dry or wet slide! The extreme slide design was carefully crafted to give you an adrenaline rush like no other!

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This thrill ride of a slide will have you living life on the edge. With cliff hanger handles designed for grasping, it mimics the adrenaline rush of dangling off a rocky precipice. But don’t worry, the only thing you’re in danger of is having too much fun. This slide is engineered with the highest safety standards, so the only cliffs you’ll be hanging from are inflatable ones. With built-in safety features and a wide slide and exciting dip, you can feel the thrill of flying off a cliff without all the risks. Get ready for a wild ride on this huge slide, perfect for any summer get-together with friends and family.

Strongly recommend this slide for companies who looks for something extra for any occasion . This can make bit bigger as an inflatable water slide . It will add more excitement for the adventure .

Features :

  • Huge slide with hangers
  • Longer sliding area for safety
  • Comfortable laying position for secure slide
  • Hand on the edge for exciting aventure
  • customizable colours for any preference
  • Dual lanes with safety barriers

More you need to know about this product

A wider slide surface and an exciting central dip add to the adventure, giving you a rollercoaster-like plunge that will have you screaming with delight. Once you start climbing and grasping your way up the cliff wall, there’s no turning back—sheer, splashy, thrill-a-minute fun awaits as you whoosh down at speeds that defy belief. Call it a slip and slide, call it a thrill ride, call it the most fun you’ll have all summer. Just make sure to call the gang and tell them to bring their bathing suits, because this cliff hanger slide is about to give the time of your lives. Adventure awaits! This special product can deliver Australia wide . Please contact us now for more information .


12m x 5m x 9m