Corks Screw Water Slide

Amazing eye catching design . With super curvy slide for entertainment .

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Wow, this inflatable water slide sounds really cool! What sets this one apart is that it has a unique corkscrew design that adds to the thrill of sliding down. Plus, the interior is lined with special materials so it’s safe and smooth for everyone who slides down. And it’s even made with rare real marble blue PVC to give it an exciting look!

But designing curves like this can be tricky since they need to be designed carefully or else they could hurt sliders. That’s why we put extra care into making sure these were designed safely and comfortably, so users can have maximum fun without risk of injury. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even drip water from the top for even more excitement – great for both adults and kids!

This product boasts a number of key features, including:

  • A large, tall design with increased width for a more comfortable experience.
  • A safety slide with smooth curves for optimum comfort and usability.
  • An increased ground clearance so that users can maintain the same speed while using the product.
  • Durable marble PVC construction to prevent color washouts after repeated use.
  • Safety netting all around for safe usage of the product.
  • A deep pool at the bottom of the slide to add further enjoyment and excitement to its user experience.

Get excited! These options are totally adjustable to meet your individual requirements – but the coolest thing is that you can brand it with your own logo for maximum brand promotion.

If you’re looking to create cooperate events or for your own company, we can build it up with your unique color themes and custom logo. To find out more about which product is best for you, just get maximum use of our awesome guide!