Bushland Bouncer’s Retreat

Jump into the heart of Australia with the Bushland Bouncer’s Retreat, a robust and safe slice of the Aussie wild brought to you by Australian Inflatables. It’s a free ride to the major cities, mates, and we’re stoked to offer a fair dinkum deal on delivery elsewhere!

Immerse your kids in the great Aussie outdoors with the Bushland Bouncer’s Retreat, where every jump is a jolly jaunt through the bush. Brought to you by the seasoned crew at Australian Inflatables, this is the epitome of our experience in creating unforgettable playtimes. Expertly designed with child safety at the forefront, this retreat meets the strictest Australian Safety Standards. Our team’s extensive knowledge of durable materials and child play safety is woven into every stitch and panel.

Australian Inflatables stands as a pillar in the play industry, recognized nationwide for our commitment to quality and safety. You can check out many attractive designs of jumping castles here in our dedicated section for commercial grade bouncers. Our Bushland Bouncer’s Retreat is yet another trusted product from a brand that Aussie families have come to rely on for their kids’ entertainment. We back our bouncers with a solid warranty and a promise of reliability. With Australian Inflatables, you’re not just buying a jumping castle; you’re investing in a safe and sturdy play haven that’s been rigorously tested and proven.


    • Features a vibrant bushland theme, complete with Aussie flora and fauna, that invites kids to leap with kangaroos and koalas under the watchful eye of the Southern Cross.
    • Constructed with high-grade, UV-resistant materials to withstand the harsh Aussie sun and the rough-and-tumble of play.
    • Simple set-up and pack-down, coupled with easy maintenance, make it a snag-free addition to any family gathering or community event.
    • Ideal for children aged 3 to 10, providing a safe and engaging play area that supports healthy, active outdoor play.

Delivery arrangements for all your purchases


the Bushland Bouncer’s Retreat comes with a fair dinkum delivery deal. If you’re in any of the big smoke areas like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, or Adelaide, we’ll get it to your doorstep, no extra dosh required – that’s right, delivery’s on the house. For the true blue Aussies outside these spots, give us a bell, and we’ll sort you out with a special delivery rate quicker than you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle.’

The Bushland Bouncer’s Retreat is a bouncy castle as Aussie as a backyard cricket match, with native animals and the Southern Cross to boot. Crafted by the legends at Australian Inflatables, it’s made to last longer than a game of Test cricket and is safe as houses for your little joeys. Let the Bushland Bouncer’s Retreat be the centrepiece of your next gathering, where kids can safely romp and roll in an inflatable slice of Australia, right in your own backyard.


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