7 Fun Games Kids Can Play in a Jumping Castle

Renting a jumping castle is perfect for a kid’s birthday party. Here are 7 fun games kids can play!

Having a jumping castle at your child’s birthday party is the cherry on top of a fun time. But knowing how to keep guests entertained while they are in the castle is the key to success. 

By introducing a castle game or two, you’re guaranteed to create a fun time that the children will enjoy and remember forever.

If you’re stuck on what fun activities to do with your guests, keep reading for a list of ideas on how to make the most of your jumping castle party.

Fun and Easy Jumping Castle Games

Jumping castle games are fun and typically do not require more than the castle itself and a little creativity. We’ve compiled a list of games children can play in jumping castles, and there’s something for everyone (yes, parents too). 

The Giggle Game

To play the Giggle Game, have one child lay on their back in the corner of the jumping castle. Have the second child lay their head on the first child’s stomach so the two are creating a right angle with their bodies. 

Continue this pattern until everyone is laying down. Once everyone is laying on the jumping castle floor, they must stay perfectly still and be very quiet.

Now, here’s where the fun begins. Make the first child laugh by saying “HA!” This will cause a wave of laughter from all of the children.

The Giggle Game is not only fun for kids, but it is also one of the few accessible games to play in a bounce house. While jumping castle games typically involve running, jumping, or standing, this game merely requires the participants to lie down. This means children with physical disabilities can enjoy fun castle games with their friends, too.

Freeze Bounce

Freeze Bounce is one of the especially fun jumping castle games for kidsas it combines physical activity with good listening skills. The only items required for this game besides the jumping castle are speakers and a music-playing device.

The game starts with fun music playing on a set of speakers as the children dance and bounce. Once the music stops, the children must freeze in whatever position they are in when the music stops. 

This game is trickier than it sounds because the bouncy jumping castle’s floor will still be shaking and moving even after everyone freezes. If a child falls out of their position while the music is stopped, they are “out” for that round. Otherwise, the children resume with their dancing and moving until the music stops again.

Tumble Race

Kids are sure to love the dizzying Tumble Race game. To play, make one side of the castle a starting line. Have all of the children stand on the starting line with their backs up against the respective wall of the castle.

When the game supervisor says, “Go!” the children will start somersaulting to the opposite side of the castle. Once they reach the other side, they should start somersaulting back to the starting line. The first one back wins.

The Balloon Game

This game is a bit noisy, but thrilling and fun. The game simply requires balloons to toss inside your jumping castle, and determination.

The object of the Balloon Game is to pop as many balloons as possible by sitting on them. The soft floor of the bouncy castle will make this a bit more challenging and it is sure to be a hit. 

For added fun, put very small prizes in the balloons such as stickers or small pieces of paper with riddles or jokes. The surprise inside will make the game much more fun and exciting. 

Paper prizes are a safe option, as objects like tiny toys might hurt if sat on. As the fun continues, be sure to pick up the remains of the popped balloons.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses and birthday party jumping castles are a perfect match. This is a great way to keep children entertained while also testing their problem-solving skills.

There are many jumping castles already equipped with obstacles, but you may also want to add your own soft obstacles such as pillows or pool noodles.

This game can be played by individuals competing against each other, or if the group is big enough, the children can be split into teams. The object of the obstacle course is to get through it as fast as possible.

This activity is fun for everyone, as parents and guardians can cheer from the outside and watch the race. They can also be team captains so the competition has more structure.

Dodge Ball

Dodgeball in a jumping castle is a fun twist on the classic game. With a bouncy floor, jumping and leaping is certainly easier, but landing is the tricky (and fun) part. 

Any ball can be used for this game and using a bigger, softer ball might be better than a traditional dodgeball.


Tag seems like it might be a pretty straight-forward game to play, but even the quickest runners will have a difficult time keeping their footing on a floor that is practically a big balloon.

Tag is a good game to play that does not promote competition. Instead, the children can let loose and have fun without too much focus on keeping score.

Safety Tips Before the Fun

Before any games are started in the jumping castle, you should be aware of potential danger and be prepared for accidents as they may come. While these games aren’t dangerous, anything can happen and you’ll want to make sure everyone has a fun but safe time.

Set Rules

Setting rules and boundaries can help to keep everyone safe during their time in the jumping castle. Some good ground rules include no shoes in the castle, no roughhousing, no hitting, and no tripping. 

You can set your own rules that need to be applied for the group. Remind the children these rules are not there to put a damper on their fun, but to make sure no one is hurt during the game.

Prepare for Accidents

No matter how many rules are set, accidents are bound to happen. Keep a first aid kit on hand for things like scraped knees or elbows and other small boo-boos that might occur. 

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