Get Ready to Roll: Awesome Things You Need to Know About Zorbing

Embrace the Thrill: Your Ultimate Guide to the Exciting World of Zorbing

That big ball people get inside of is called a Zorb ball, and zorbing is just about the most fun you can do with your friends. Read on to know more about it.

Are you tired of doing the same old things with your friends every weekend?

Looking for a teambuilding activity to do with coworkers that everyone will actually enjoy?

Just interested in switching up your fitness routine and trying something completely unexpected?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then zorbing just might be for you. But what is a zorb ball, and where can you go to get an inflatable zorb ball that’s all your own?

Keep on reading to find out the answer — and to learn what exactly makes zorbing such an epic activity.

What Is Zorbing?

First, let’s address the question we know is on everyone’s mind: what is zorbing, exactly?

Essentially, a zorbing ball is a large, transparent, and inflatable circle that you get inside and use to walk on water, ride down a hill, or even race your friends on flatter ground.

Think of it as a bit like getting inside of a giant beach ball, except that you’re able to see the world around you. Especially if you’re in an area with mostly flat land, some zorbing courses may even build a smaller, rollercoaster-like track for you to zorb down.

It has one or two openings that allow you to get inside and out of the zorb (they also help to make sure you’re getting enough air while you zorb.)

Zorbs are, in fact, actually two separate balls, a larger outer one and a smaller inner one. There’s roughly 60cm between the two balls, which helps to act as a kind of shock absorption for riders.

These two balls are held together by lots of smaller pieces of rope, which are also responsible for making the balls turn.

It was first created in New Zealand, and the country is still home to some of the wildest zorbing locations and tracks today.

There Are Lots of Ways to Zorb

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that the zorbing trend is showing no signs of slowing down is because there are so many different ways to zorb.

You can zorb on a lake or the ocean using a water zorb ball, finally making your dream of walking on water come to life. You can also pour a good amount of water into a zorb ball, and see how long you’re able to stand up and walk without slipping and sliding around (hint: you won’t make it long.)

Especially for younger children, you might want to look at ground zorb balls that aren’t actually completely enclosed. Sometimes called “bumper zorbs,” these inflatables leave children’s legs free to walk on the ground as normal, but make it easy for them to collide with one another or fall down safely.

What Impacts Speed?

If you have a need for speed, then you’ll certainly love everything about zorbing.

It’s important to know that your zorb doesn’t ever go fast enough to become airborne, but you can still certainly expect to encounter a good amount of bouncing as you ride.

If you’re especially interested in going as fast as possible, aim to zorb downhill with a bit of tailwind behind you. Your weight also impacts your ability to zorb faster, and if you wear a harness while zorbing, you’ll also be able to pick up a bit more speed.

Don’t worry, though — most likely, you won’t need to worry about experiencing nausea while you ride. This is because you only rotate your body entirely about once every 9 meters.

There Are Countless Zorbing Games to Play

Another reason why people never seem to get bored while zorbing is because there are so many different kinds of games that you can play — ones that certainly wouldn’t be as safe or even possible without the layers of inflatable protection.

When you’re just getting started, we suggest the traditional zorbing race.

But when you’re ready to take things to the next level, you can try things like sumo wrestling within a zorb ball, human zorb bowling, or even going on a zip line across the water in a zorb ball!

Perhaps the most popular game of all is zorbing football (also called bubble football or zorbing soccer. In fact, it’s become such a fad that there are now many leagues popping up all over Australia and New Zealand.)

The rules are mostly similar to standard football, in that you need to keep the ball in bounds and score as many goals as you can within the game (most of them last 50 minutes.)

However, your goal is also to knock down as many players on the opponent’s team as you can. Each player is “out” once they’ve been knocked down — so there are no fouls within the game.

If there are no goals scored, the team with players left standing is the winner.

Where Can You Buy Your Own Zorbing Ball?

We know that this post has you more than ready to give zorbing a go.

However, renting your own zorb ball can be expensive and complicated — plus, if your location runs out, you’ll have to wait until one becomes available. You may also want to get in a bit of practice before you play a game or try out a course.

That’s why we suggest that you buy your own zorb ball.

So, how much is a zorb?

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