Ocean Wave Dual Lane Water Slide With Dolphins

Slide With Dolphins! This exciting water slide features two side-by-side lanes, perfect for family and friends to race down the slide and have a blast.

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Embark on an unforgettable aquatic escapade with the Ocean Wave Dual Lane Water Slide with Dolphins, a stellar addition to any Aussie event looking to make a big splash. Meticulously designed to emulate the exhilarating experience of ocean wave surfing, this slide features a majestic duo of dolphins perched atop, creating an inviting gateway to an aquatic wonderland.

Exhilarating Aquatic Thrills

  • Dual Sliding Lanes: Compete in a friendly race or slide solo on expansive lanes that promise an adrenaline-packed descent, each providing a unique path to aquatic fun.
  • Ocean-Inspired Adventure: The slide’s vibrant blue hues and dolphin motifs capture the essence of the sea, transforming your space into an oceanic oasis.

Top-Notch Design and Safety

  • Sweeping Slide Curvature: Crafted for maximum enjoyment, the slide’s design ensures a thrilling ride with a safe landing into the cushioned pool below.
  • Safety Ensured: Every aspect, from the climb to the slide down, is designed with safety in mind, featuring sturdy construction and secure sidewalls for peace of mind.

This isn’t just any water slide; it’s a commercial-grade marvel, proving to be one of the hottest-selling dual lane commercially used inflatable water slides in our collection. Designed for durability and endless fun, the Ocean Wave Dual Lane Water Slide with Dolphins is a premium product by Australian Inflatables, crafted to elevate the entertainment at any event across the nation.

Australia wide delivery

With delivery options stretching across Australia — from the cultural melting pot of Melbourne to the glittering shores of the Gold Coast — this Ocean Wave Dual Lane Water Slide with Dolphins is poised to become the highlight of your next gathering. It’s not just a slide; it’s a centrepiece that promises to bring laughter, joy, and a bit of ocean magic to every occasion. Whether you’re planning a community festival, a backyard birthday bash, or just a weekend of fun, let this water slide turn your summer days into cherished memories.