inflatable pub

Fancy having your own pub without all the faff? With this inflatable pub from Australian inflatables, you’ve got yourself a pop-up alehouse without needing planning permission or a construction cost.



Australia’s Most wanted Inflatable Pub Of The Year

Ever dreamt of running your own pub? Now you can, without the astronomical overheads. This inflatable pub from Australian Inflatables brings all the ambiance of a traditional British boozer without the hassle. Simply inflate and you’ll be pulling pints in no time. Brand it with your own name and logo to make it a proper personalised pub. Inside, the spacious interior has the look of a classic pub, so you’ll feel like the landlord or landlady as you serve up drinks to friends and family. When the festivities finish, deflate it for easy storage until the next round. For birthdays, barbeques or any garden get-together, this portable pub adds a perfect splash of revelry. Your mates will never believe you own a pub! A novelty unlike any other, this boozer in a box will transform any occasion into an instant party. Cheers to that!

Inflatable pub that easiest to setup yourself

Introducing our mobile marquee designed in a delightful pub theme, This amazing inflatable tent is ready to elevate your backyard gatherings. This unique inflatable structure comes complete with authentic bar stools, charming taps, and customizable signage, allowing you to showcase your own branding. Ideal for hosting a memorable backyard barbeque, this marquee offers you and your loved ones the opportunity to step into the role of publicans for the day. Imagine the joy of transforming your garden into a private pub, where you can entertain your friends and family without ever leaving the comfort of your own property. With a selection of refreshing beverages and a handful of delectable peanuts, you can effortlessly create an inviting atmosphere and showcase your impressive pouring skills. Elevate your next gathering and leave a lasting impression on your mates by hosting a pub experience right in your own backyard.

Delivery options all around Australia

This inflatable pub can deliver for free to major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide , Brisbane and Perth . And special options available for an affordable price to other areas. Therefore we are happy to inform you that we can deliver Australia wide.