Inflatable Combo Maze

Boost your special event business today by purchasing this incredible inflatable obstacle course. You’re sure to gain tons of customers due to offering this amazing rental piece alone!

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This amazing inflatable obstacle course for sale is the perfect addition for any company that rents inflatables for parties and events! Children and adults alike will love all the competitive fun this colorful obstacle course has to offer! The inflatable combo maze is sure to be a hit with all age groups!


With its inflatable faux rock wall, built-in mazes, and large slides, this inflatable combo maze is challenging enough for adults and teenagers to enjoy while remaining safe and accessible for smaller children! This recreational inflatable is perfect for birthday parties, graduation parties, school celebrations, work events, family reunions, block parties/neighborhood celebrations, holidays, festivals and more!


The inflatable combo maze can be delivered conveniently to most locations in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Gold Cost.


This inflatable obstacle course has many attractive features:


– Inflatable for easy transport


– Bright yellow/pink/blue/green color scheme


– Faux rock wall obstacle


– Includes a maze fun for all ages


– Large inflatable slide at the finish line


– Available for delivery in most parts of Australia


If you are focusing on organizing special events or school fund raisers . This obstacle course is the perfect fit for your business . Therefore consider this for your growing up business .

Size & Material

Size of the product :



0.55 18 OZ commercial PVC .

Optional Free addons

Blower cover
Visiting card holder