Dual Splash Slide

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If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling water slide experience, then the Dual Lane Tube Slide from Australian Inflatables is just what you need! With its impressive size and stunning design, this inflatable water slide will offer you all the excitement and joy of a traditional tunnel slide with an added twist. Here you can find plenty of outstanding inflatable water slides for sale for your business or family.Whether it’s for a backyard party or corporate event, this slide promises hours of fun and entertainment that’s sure to keep everyone captivated. Plus, the included pool at the bottom means even more thrills as you make your way down the dual lanes. Get ready for some splashing action that’ll have everyone shouting with excitement! Experience an unforgettable water slide adventure today with Australia Inflatables’ Dual Lane Tube Slide.

Some unique features of this slide

• Enjoy round pools that add a thrilling element to your pool time.
• Experience the versatility of this slide as it can be manufactured into both a deep inflatable pool or a flat pool.
• Create an eye-catching atmosphere with customizable colour combinations.
• Make the slide reflect your identity and style with added branding options.
• Adapt and modify the slide to suit your evolving needs with free design change ability.


We are thrilled to offer the Dual Splash inflatable water Slide for delivery to various locations across Australia! Plus, we have special delivery services available specifically for Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and the Gold Coast. Get ready to make a splash with this amazing water slide!