Ancient Castle Slide

Get ready for some castle-themed fun! Australian Inflatables’ Ancient Castle Slide brings the adventurous spirit of medieval times to your backyard.

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Your kingdom awaits! This bouncy inflatable slide will transform any backyard into a medieval realm of adventure. With a fantastical castle design straight out of storybooks, it features faux stone bricks, ramparts and towers that set imaginations alight. Your little lords and ladies can spend hours storming the heights and swooping down the wavy slide, defending the castle walls from dragons and foes with glee. When the sun sets over the kingdom, this mighty fortress makes an ultra-fun sleepover den. Made from premium materials designed to withstand years of play, this noble play structure is fit for kings and queens. A joy for all ages, it’s playtime magic and whimsy all rolled into one. Your kingdom for an Ancient Castle Slide! Charge! Ancient Castle Slide is designed as an ancient fortress . So it got defense towers , bricks and flags designed on it . Australian inflatables factory design every product to safety standards . Therefore this product got all the safety features needed for commercial use . Listed below are few features this slide got

Features :

  • huge slide for enough kids to slide at a time
  • separate climbing section for safety
  • lengthy slide for more excitement
  • safety barriers for sliding and climbing
  • safety step up at the entrance

With a realistic bricks and stones design, this inflatable slide looks like something out of a fairytale. Let your kids explore their imaginations as they go on an exciting journey down this magical castle slide! How ever this produce can be customized for your liking . For instance if you like to make it a bit more lengthy to add more space for jumping . In other words we can design as you wish . Feel free to contact us using the above price inquiry form for any inquiries .


9m x 5m x 6m