25 feet long inflatable slip and slide water slide

Who says you have to act your age? This summer, unleash your inner child and get wet ‘n’ wild with the ultimate slip and slide thrill ride. After all, growing up is overrated. And this slip ‘n slide water slide sensation is here to prove.

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Make a splash this summer with the ultimate backyard thrill ride. This 25-foot inflatable slip and slide water slide transforms into an exhilarating double-duty adventure in seconds. Feeling wild? Detach the slide for a slippery slip ‘n slide that will have you racing and belly-flopping like a kid again. Prefer to make a stylish entrance from up high? Reattach the slide and whoosh down for a splashy finish at the bottom. Slip and slides are most entertaining products of all . This product has dip in part and slipping pat for more entertainment through out the season. This blow up slide is easy to set up, and provides hours of entertainment on warm days . With ability to make it longer with individual attachments.

Refining experience with this unique product

With nearly 50 feet of slip, slide and soar combined, this inflatable wonder redefines water play for kids and kids-at-heart alike. When ordinary sprinklers and kiddie pools just won’t do, this massive slip and slide water slide delivers maximum H2O fun for backyard shenanigans and pool parties. Dive in and get your splash on, because summer’s more fun when you’re drenched from head to toe. This is an entirely new way to enjoy the outdoors and stay cool without every having to leave the home. It usually takes under 30 minutes for the product to be set up and ready for use. The dual slides can be set up in a person’s backyard or local park with the proper permissions.

Features include:

  • Quick, easy setup
  • 25 feet in length / additional 28 feet slip n slide add on ( optional )
  • extended total length 48 feet
  • Safe durable build
  • Colorful design
  • Ability to customize colors and length
  • If you are looking to customize the height, We can facilitate that as well

This product provides many opportunities to organize events and games outdoors, Not only the event organizing but also this is one of the most unique options available to grab the attention of visitors. Where else can an inflatable water slide big steal the show? Check out this section to get more amazing solutions of commercial inflatable slides. If you are ready to make a temporary mini-water park, call today to buy!

Size & Material

Size of the product :


With slip n slide


0.55 18 OZ commercial PVC .

Optional Free addons

Blower cover
Your own logo on top
Visiting card holder