Blow Up Water Slide Games and Activities for Endless Summer Fun

Summers were made for fun in the sun, especially when you were a kid. The hotter the weather, the more you wanted to find ways to cool off while burning off energy. What could be better than splashing around on a giant blow up water slide? Those colourful plastic monstrosities were the highlight of any birthday party or summer barbecue. You’d spend hours climbing up the inflatable ladder, sliding down into the pool at the bottom, and then scrambling back up to do it all over again. The thrill of zipping down the slide, not knowing which way you might spin or bounce, gave you an adrenaline rush like no other. Your friends and siblings would join in the madness, all of you giggling and squealing with delight. The summer sun never felt so good as when you were careening down an enormous blow up water slide. Those were the days.

Introducing the Blow Up Water Slide: A Backyard Party Essential

Inflatable water slides are essential for an unforgettable summer party. These massive blow up slides turn your backyard into an aquatic adventure park, providing hours of entertainment for both kids and kids-at-heart.

Setting up the Slide

First of all select your blow up water slide from an Australian supplier. Then find a flat area of lawn with no overhead power lines or tree branches. Stake down the slide according to the instructions to prevent tipping, then connect your garden hose to the sprayers and turn on the water. Climb to the top, turn on the sprayers and whoosh – an instant water park!

For extra fun, consider complementary activities like water balloon tosses, squirt gun fights and kiddie pools. You’ll want multiple hoses, spray nozzles and pools placed around the slide to keep everyone cool in the summer heat. Don’t forget towels, sunscreen and snacks to fuel the revelry.

Safety First

As with any boisterous activity, supervision and ground rules are a must. Only 2-3 riders at a time, feet first sliding only, and no rough play. Watch out for younger kids at the bottom of the slide and remind everyone to clear the splash zone quickly after sliding. Appoint a few parents as slide monitors to avoid collisions and ensure a safe sliding zone.

With the right precautions and a fun-loving crowd, a blow up water slide can make for an unforgettable summer party. Turn on the tunes, fire up the barbecue and get ready to splash the day away. Your backyard bash will be the talk of the neighbourhood!

Top Blow Up Water Slide Models: Which Inflatable Water Slide Is Right for You?

When it comes to blow up water slides, you have options galore. How do you choose? It depends on your needs and budget. Here at Australian Inflatables we got these products starting from $3000 Plus GST.


For small backyards or kids, an 8-10 foot slide is perfect. Families will want a larger 12-16 footer. Commercial slides range from 20 to over 50 feet high! Think about how much space you have and who will be using it.


Classic straight slides are simple but thrilling. Curved slides add excitement. Multi-lane slides are ideal for races. Octopus slides feature several twisting and turning slides in one. Obstacle course slides have extra features like climbing walls, splash pools and ball pits.


Look for heavy-duty PVC or vinyl, multiple air chambers for safety, and anchoring straps. A carrying case and repair kit are useful extras. Some models have splash pools, ball pits, hoses and sprayers for an aquatic adventure. Timers and scoring systems make it more competitive.


You can find small basic non commercial slides for under $500, Commercial family slides for $3000-$5000 and huge commercial models for $10,000 or more. Think about how often you’ll use it to determine if the investment is worthwhile.

With so many blow up water slide options, you’re sure to find one that’s the perfect fit for your family. Get ready for a summer of splashy fun in the sun! Make sure to check any weight, height or age limits to keep everyone safe while they zoom down and make a splash. The memories you make will last for years to come!

Setting Up Your Inflatable Water Slide for Safety

Setting up an inflatable water slide properly is key to ensuring safety and fun for everyone.

Choose a level area

Select a spot in your yard that is flat and even. An unleveled area could cause the slide to tip over or prevent the water from flowing properly down the slide. Grass, dirt, or sand are all fine as long as the ground is level. Avoid areas with rocks, roots or debris that could puncture the slide.

Secure the anchors

Most slides will come with stakes, straps and anchors to secure it in place. Follow the instructions to securely anchor your slide. Bury at least 2/3 of the stakes in the ground at an angle for the most stability. Double check that all anchors, straps, stakes and tie-downs are properly secured before allowing anyone to go down the slide.

Connect the hoses

Attach your garden hose to the top of the slide to keep the sliding surface wet. Use additional hoses to spray the landing area and any pool or splash pad at the end of the slide. Keep an eye on the slide while in use to ensure the sliding surface, landing area and any pools stay adequately filled with water. Turn off the hoses when the slide is not in use to avoid damage.

Set rules and supervise

Establish rules for proper sliding technique, one at a time sliding, and age/size restrictions to keep everyone safe. Actively supervise the slide at all times, especially when children are using it. Be on the lookout for any horseplay or behaviour that could lead to injury. It’s a good idea to have multiple adults taking turns supervising for the most responsible oversight.

Deflate and store properly

When done for the day or season, fully deflate the slide and dry all areas before storing. Fold or roll up the slide and store in a dry area away from direct sunlight. Properly storing your inflatable water slide will help ensure it lasts for many summers of fun to come.

Following these tips for setting up and supervising your inflatable water slide will help make it an endlessly fun and safe summer activity. Constant adult supervision and properly securing the slide are key to keeping everyone unharmed and smiling.

Fun Water Slide Games for Kids and Adults

Once the slide is set up, the fun can really begin! Here are some games and activities to make the most of your water slide adventure.

Slip and Slide Kickball

This fun twist on kickball uses the slide instead of bases. Each player kicks the ball and then slides down to the “base” at the end of the slide. Fielders have to get the kicker out before they reach the base. Use a foam ball for safety.

Slide Limbo

How low can you go? Set up a limbo bar over the slide and see who can slide under the bar without getting wet. Lower the bar after each round. Be very careful getting in and out of the slide for this game!

Slide Relays

Divide into teams and have players take turns sliding down and running back to tag the next teammate to go. First team to have all players slide wins! You can also do challenges like sliding with an egg on a spoon or while balancing a ball on your head.

Slide Frisbee

Gently toss a frisbee or disc down the slide and players have to catch it before it flies off the end. Each successful catch scores a point. Most points at the end of time wins. Use a soft frisbee and play carefully.

Slide Hopscotch

Use painter’s tape to make a hopscotch pattern leading up to and down the slide. Players have to hop through the course, slide down, and then continue hopping to the end. Falling in the water or messing up the pattern means starting over.

With some simple games and a bit of creativity, a blow up water slide can provide hours of fun for both kids and adults. Challenge each other, set records, and make up your own activities. Most of all, embrace your inner child and just enjoy the thrill of whooshing down a giant slippery slide!

Cool Water Slide Activities Beyond Just Sliding

Once you’ve had your fill of sliding down the water slide, there are tonnes of other fun activities you can do with an inflatable water slide. Here are a few of our favourites:

Water slide obstacle course

Set up obstacles like hula hoops, pool noodles, buckets and balls along the slide path. Time each person to see who can complete the course the fastest while avoiding the obstacles. This adds an extra challenge and thrill to the regular water slide experience.

Water slide tug-of-war

Have two teams grab opposite ends of a rope and try to pull the other team up the slide. The team that makes it to the top first wins! Be very careful doing this activity since the slide will be extremely slippery. Consider using a rope specifically designed for tug-of-war to avoid rope burn.

Slip and slide kickball

Place bases at each corner of the water slide area. Take turns sliding down and running the bases. Fielders have to retrieve the ball and get outs by tagging the runner or throwing them out at the bases. This fun mashup of slip and slide and kickball is guaranteed to lead to lots of laughs and wipeouts.

Water slide limbo

How low can you go? Place a pool noodle or limbo stick at the bottom of the slide and have riders slide under the stick one at a time. Start with the stick placed higher up and lower it with each round. Anyone who knocks the stick over or can’t slide under it without falling off the slide is out. The rider who can slide under the lowest height wins!

Water slide relay races

For a fun team competition, organise relay races using the water slide. Each team lines up at the top of the slide, with one rider going down the slide at a time. Once at the bottom, the next team member goes. The first team to have all members complete a turn going down the slide wins. You can also add challenges like having to retrieve objects at the bottom of the slide to make it even more fun.

With some creativity, an inflatable water slide can provide hours of entertainment all summer long. Gather some friends or family and try out these cool water slide activities for an unforgettable day of fun in the sun.

Decorating Ideas for Your Inflatable Water Slide Bash

Decorating your inflatable water slide bash will make it even more fun and memorable. Here are some ideas to get the party started:

Theme It Up

Choose a theme like Hawaiian luau, beach bash or pirate adventure and decorate accordingly. Grass skirts, leis, palm fronds and tropical flowers for a luau. Sand buckets, beach balls, sunglasses and flip flops for a beach theme. Eye patches, bandanas, hooks and treasure chests to transform your party into a swashbuckling good time. A theme will make your party cohesive and more exciting.


String up some outdoor string lights, lanterns or LED spotlights to keep the fun going even after dark. Lights will make your slide glow and turn it into an evening attraction. Just be sure any lighting is properly secured and a safe distance from the slide.


No party is complete without some tunes! Play an upbeat summer playlist through outdoor speakers to keep energy levels high. Or for a fun interactive element, give guests music requests or have a karaoke contest.

Photo Booth

Set up an outdoor photo booth with props for guests to capture memories of their thrilling slide adventures. You can find inflatable photo booth frames or make your own backdrop. Provide props like silly hats, glasses and signs for people to pose with.


Have plenty of drinks, snacks, and popsicles on hand so no one loses steam. A snacks table, cooler, or drink dispenser set up near the slide exit will satisfy any post-slide cravings.

Slip ‘n Slide Kickball

For an exciting twist, turn your inflatable water slide into a giant Slip ‘n Slide kickball field. Use a large inflatable ball and have teams slide into bases. Get ready to kick, slide and score in this fun mashup!

Decorating your water slide and adding interactive elements will make your party satisfying and stimulating. Have an absolute blast with your inflatable water slide adventures!

Planning a Blow Up Water Slide Birthday Party

Planning a blow up water slide birthday party for kids or adults takes some preparation to ensure a fun and memorable event. Here are some tips to get the party started:

Choose a Theme

Selecting a theme for the party helps in choosing decorations, activities, and treats. Some popular options include beach bash, luau, pirates, or 1970s. Decorate using tropical flowers, grass skirts, eye patches, or disco balls. Play limbo, have a hula hoop or cannonball contest. Serve pineapple, BBQ, gummy worms, or retro candy. A theme pulls it all together for a cohesive party vibe.

Rent the Right Slide

Do some research on different styles of blow up water slides to find one suitable for your space and guest list. Will kids or adults or both be playing? How much room do you have – slides come in a range of sizes. Popular options include obstacle courses, slip n’ slides, and slides with pools or sprayers. Rent from a party rental company and have them set up and take down the slide.

Plan Other Activities

While the main event is obviously the giant water slide, have a few other activities to keep guests entertained before and after going down the slide. Set up a sprinkler, water balloons or squirt guns. Play outdoor games like cornhole, ladder golf, Frisbee or hopscotch. For kids, bubble machines, kiddie pools and sidewalk chalk are always a hit.

Provide Necessary Items

Don’t forget important things like towels, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, first aid kit, garden hose or buckets for slide lubrication and a changing area if needed. Assign someone to man the slide to enforce rules for maximum fun and safety.

With some pre-planning, a blow up water slide birthday bash can make a huge splash and become an annual summer tradition. Focusing on a fun theme, renting an exciting slide, and having extra activities and supplies will ensure your guests have a wet and wild time.

Maintaining and Storing Your Inflatable Slide

To keep your inflatable water slide in tip-top shape for years of fun, proper maintenance and storage are key.


After each use, hose down your slide to remove any dirt or debris. For tough stains, create a cleaning solution of water and a mild detergent like dish soap. Scrub any stained areas and rinse well with water. Never use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners or solvents which can damage the vinyl.

Allow all parts of the slide to air dry completely before storing to prevent mould growth. You may also want to periodically sanitise your slide, especially if used commercially. Create a sanitising solution of water and bleach (1 part bleach to 10 parts water). Wipe down all surfaces and rinse with water. Let air dry.

Repairing Small Holes or Tears

Minor damage can often be repaired with an inflatable slide patch kit. Clean and dry the area, then rough up the surface slightly with fine-grit sandpaper. Apply the patch glue or cement and hold in place as directed. Smooth out any air bubbles. Let cure before inflating the slide again. For larger holes or seam failures, contact the slide manufacturer for professional repair options.

Deflating and Storing

After drying, deflate your slide completely. Fold and roll it up to remove excess air. Store in a dry location away from extreme heat or cold. A storage bag, tarp or shed is ideal. Unfold and reinflate your slide at least once every 3 months to prevent creasing.

Before setting up your slide the following season, inspect it for any damage or wear and ensure all parts are securely connected. With proper care and maintenance, an inflatable water slide can provide entertainment for many summers to come. Storing it in a temperature-controlled environment and avoiding harsh chemicals are the keys to longevity. An occasional professional cleaning and sanitation will also help keep your slide germ-free and safe for users.

Blow Up Water Slide FAQs: Answering Common Inflatable Slide Questions

So you’ve got an awesome blow up water slide ready for summer fun, but now you’ve got questions. We’ve got answers! Here are some of the most common inflatable water slide FAQs to help you make the most of your purchase. You can refer to this video about how to choose a blow up water slide professionally.

How much space do I need?

Inflatable water slides require a good amount of space, usually 10 to 15 feet wide and 20 to 30 feet long. Make sure you have enough clearance on all sides of the slide for the blower, stakes, and slides. You’ll also want space for a splash pool at the bottom of the slides.

How long does it take to inflate?

Blowing up a large commercial-grade water slide can take 1 to 3 hours depending on the size. Be sure to start inflating your slide at least 2 to 3 hours before you want to start playing. Having an electric blower will speed up the process.

How much does it weigh when inflated?

An average family-sized water slide will weigh 200 to 500 pounds when fully inflated. Commercial slides can weigh 1,000 pounds or more. Make sure you choose a location with level, sturdy ground that can support the weight before inflating.

How do I keep the slide in place?

Most blow up water slides come with ground stakes to secure them in place. You’ll want to stake down each corner of the slide as well as any anchor points along the sides to prevent sliding or tipping. Bury the stakes at least 18 to 24 inches into the ground for stability.

What ages are the slides appropriate for?

Most residential inflatable water slides are designed for kids ages 5 and up with a maximum weight capacity of 100 to 200 pounds per rider. Larger commercial slides can accommodate both kids and adults up to 350 pounds. Always follow the specifications listed for your specific slide model.

How do I prevent injuries?

Inflatable water slides are tonnes of fun but do present risks of bumps, scrapes and more serious injuries. Enforce rules like going down feet first only, one at a time, and no rough play. Provide kids with proper swimwear, water shoes, helmets and padding. And always closely supervise riders, especially younger children.

With some common sense precautions, your blow up water slide will provide an endless source of summer entertainment and memories for kids and families. Have a blast and be safe out there!

Summery of the article

Once the kids have had their fill of splashing down the slide, here are some other fun activities to keep the summer fun going all afternoon.

Water Balloon Toss

Who doesn’t love water balloons? Have the kids pair up and gently toss water balloons back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch. The last pair still tossing without breaking their balloon wins! Be sure to set some ground rules first for where the kids can toss to avoid unwanted splashing.

Slip and Slide Kickball

Just like regular kickball but way more fun. Have kids take turns kicking the ball and then sliding into the bases on a slip and slide. They have to make it to the base before the ball is fielded and returned. Anyone not sliding is out! You’ll want to use a foam or beach ball for safety.

Sprinkler Hopscotch

Use the spray from your lawn sprinkler to create hopscotch squares. As the kids hop through, the sprinkler will randomly change directions, adding an extra challenge. The first player to complete the course wins. Just be sure to turn the sprinkler off in between rounds so no one slips.

Water Limbo

How low can you go? Set up a limbo stick and have kids go under one by one. Lower the stick after each successful pass. Anyone who knocks the stick or falls over is out. Keep going until there is one player left who can go the lowest!

Relay Races

Classic summer relay races are even more fun when you add in water obstacles. Have kids race while carrying umbrellas, balancing cups of water, hopping through the sprinkler or crawling under pools of water. Get creative and come up with your own wet and wild relays!

An afternoon full of these types of splashy games and activities will have kids enjoying slide days to the fullest. Don’t forget to take breaks to rehydrate, reapply sunscreen and grab snacks to refuel for more summer fun. The memories made on a perfect summer day by the pool or in the backyard will last long after the warm weather fades.