Mystic Club House Dual Kingdom Jumping Castle Combo

Dive into a world where fire meets ice with our Mystic Club House Dual Kingdom! Crafted by Australian Inflatables, a brand that’s been at the forefront of kids’ entertainment in Oz for over 15 years, this bounce house is a testament to our experience in bringing little Aussie battlers top-notch fun. Our team, stacked with seasoned designers and safety experts, have pieced together a jumping castle that isn’t just about the thrills; it’s about giving parents peace of mind. It complies with Australian Safety Standards (AS 3533.4.1), ensuring a fair dinkum safe play environment.

Manufactured by Australian Inflatables

Australian Inflatables is a household name down under, synonymous with durable and safe play gear. We’ve earned our stripes and the trust of Aussie parents and kiddos alike. The Mystic Club House Dual Kingdom is our latest spark of genius, already making waves in the playground scene. We’re not just about spinning yarns; we stand by our gear. This castle comes with a promise – a guarantee that covers any rough and tumble issues, and a customer service team that’s as reliable as a meat pie at a footy match.


    • Thrilling fire and ice theme, a vivid and imaginative play setting that’s bound to be the centrepiece of any child’s party.
    • Built with high-calibre, puncture-resistant materials, ready to withstand the exuberance of energetic ankle-biters.
    • Features dual slides for a bit of friendly competition, sparking joy and encouraging active play among the littlies.
    • Quick to set up in the backyard, at the park, or even at the beach, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.
    • Suitable for kids aged 3 and up, offering a fantastical adventure while they bounce, slide, and rule their own little fiery and frosty kingdom.

Effortless Australia-Wide Delivery

At Australian Inflatables, we understand that the fun should start with the ease of getting your Mystic Club House Dual Kingdom Jumping Castle. That’s why we offer free delivery to all the major cities across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. And for those little adventurers living beyond these metro hubs, we’ve got you covered with special delivery rates, ensuring that no matter where you are Down Under, your kids can enjoy the thrill of fire and ice. Our commitment is to bring the excitement right to your backyard, hassle-free and with a fair go for all.

Get your hands on the Mystic Club House Dual Kingdom and turn your backyard into the ultimate Aussie kiddo clubhouse, where the adventure never ends!


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