Aussie Critter Hop House Jumping Castle

Introducing the “Aussie Critter Hop House” – your little ones’ ticket to an action-packed, outback-inspired bounce fest!

Meet the “Aussie Critter Hop House,” where your youngsters can bounce the day away. It’s the ideal choice for every aspiring adventurer. With vibrant colours and friendly critters, it brings the joy of the outback right to your doorstep. Featuring a gaggle of grinning koalas and a proud Aussie flag, this durable and safe inflatable is a hit for any kids’ gathering. Quick to set up and perfect for endless fun, it’s the ideal choice for active Aussie kids.

Built Tough for Energetic Play Our hop house is as sturdy as they come. It’ll stand up to the rough and tumble of energetic kids, ensuring your peace of mind. Moreover, it’s crafted from top-notch materials, so it’s set to last longer than a hot Aussie summer.

Critters Galore The kids will love the company of koalas and kangaroos, each decked out in bush hats. Indeed, this castle is not just for bouncing. It’s a journey into the heart of Australia, filled with familiar furry friends.

Safe and Sound Safety is our top priority. High walls and soft landings mean you can kick back while the kids go wild. Plus, the secure mesh keeps them in view as they jump about with glee.

Easy as Pie to Set Up You won’t find yourself in a tizzy setting this up. In fact, the castle inflates in a jiffy, so the fun starts pronto. It’s quicker than firing up the BBQ and far less mess.

Room for Everyone There’s plenty of space for all the kids to join in. So, no one misses out on the fun. Each little joey will have their chance to bounce to the moon and back.

Snag the Hop House Today Don’t muck about – get your “Aussie Critter Hop House” now. It’s a sure bet for smiles and laughs. And trust us, it’ll be the best thing since sliced bread for your kids’ parties.

Nationwide Delivery with Special Services to Major Cities

Aussie-Wide Shipping The “Aussie Critter Hop House” is ready to bounce into backyards across the country! We deliver to most nooks and crannies in Australia, ensuring that no kid misses out on the fun.

Special Delivery Options And for our mates in the big cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and the Gold Coast – we’ve got special delivery facilities. We go the extra mile so you can kick off your party without a hitch.

Australian inflatables manufactures Australian standard long lasting premium jumping castles

Australian Inflatables is renowned for producing top-notch jumping castles, ensuring each one is a fair dinkum example of durability and fun. Their manufacturing process is all about precision design and thorough testing, meeting the Aussie standards for safety and quality1. The materials selected are UV resistant and heavy-duty, with extra reinforcement to withstand the boisterous play of kids and the Aussie sun1. Customisation is a key feature, allowing for distinctive designs that cater to various themes and preferences, making each castle a unique adventure space1. Above all, Australian Inflatables is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for the little ones, with each jumping castle reflecting their commitment to excellence


It is time to decide!

Whether you’re keen to host the best party in the neighbourhood or just treat the kids to an arvo full of excitement, the “Aussie Critter Hop House” is your ticket to a good time, guaranteed. It’s as enjoyable as a day at the beach, without any of the sand getting in your swimmers.

So, what are you waiting for? Snag the “Aussie Critter Hop House” today and give your kids the gift of endless bouncy joy – strewth, it’s a decision you won’t regret, Aussie honour!


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