Where to Find Jumping Castles For Sale Near You

Where to Find Jumping Castles For Sale Near You

There’s more to a bounce house than what you can find at your local box store. Here’s where to find jumping castles for sale near you.

Inflatables and jumping castles are practically a requirement for a children’s birthday party.

But if you want to start your own business, or treat your child to one for the remainder of their childhood years, where would you purchase on?

In this article, we’ll go over where to find jumping castles for sale. We’ll also discuss some of the safety factors involved with jumping castles and what you should look for when purchasing one for your child.

Jumping Castles for Sale: Talk to Rental Companies

One of the first places you can look at jumping castles for sale are companies that rent out jumping castles. If you’re happy with the product they’ve provided for your child’s birthday party, or another child’s party, speak to them about any they may be willing to sell you.

Often times, they will be willing to sell you a used castle at a reduced rate. This means you may not have to fork over several thousand dollars for a new castle, and instead get it for a bit of a bargain.

If the rental company doesn’t want to sell you their castle, they may know someone who will.

Australian Inflatables

Our company, Australian Inflatables , offers a wide selection of jumping castles for sale . If you’re ready to be the toast of the neighbourhood , we might have just what you’re looking for.

We have jumping castles in a variety of themes. If you’re looking for one that fits in with your child’s whims or favourite TV show or cartoon, we’ve got you covered. Many of our jumping castles featured licensed characters from the most popular television shows and films.

We also offer jumping castles that are part of obstacle courses or are inflatable soft-play centers . Your child or children can bounce til their heart’s content, but also work out their energy on our obstacle courses, boxing with our inflatable characters or going down an inflatable slide.

Some of these jumping castles also work for adults, so if you’re not ready to grow up and want a jumping castle at your house, you can go hog wild and purchase one . Not only the usability Australian inflatables can deliver jumping castles to the nearest depot for you .

In addition to jumping castles, we also offer obstacle courses, as previously mentioned, and water slides. These inflatable water slides don’t always have jumping castles attached to them, but they’re the perfect answer to a hot Australian summer.

If you put one of these up in your backyard, you can guarantee your son or daughter will be the most popular one in the neighbourhood this Christmas!

If you see a castle you’re interested in, you can inquire about it directly on our website.


You’re often able to purchase inflatable jumping castles online. Often times, these come from various High Street retailers and can be inflated at home. These can retail anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over $5,000. This depends on the level of durability you want the jumping castle to have.

If you’re thinking of starting a children’s party business, it probably isn’t wise to purchase a jumping castle at a lower price point. This is because it can lead to serious safety issues and they don’t hold up as well as other jumping castles . We got plenty of unique commercial grade jumpers . Please navigate here to find videos of our jumping castles for sale

For those interested in starting a true business, you’ll need to invest in something a bit more sturdy and that is on the higher end of the spectrum price wise.

But, if you just want to purchase a jumping castle for your children to use once or twice, or for the summer, you can go for a lower priced castle.

Jumping Castles and Safety

While practically every children’s party has a jumping castle, there are a few things you need to do to ensure your jumping castle is safe.

Accidents are common, and children have even perished from being in jumping castle accidents.

If you’re going to hire or purchase a jumping castle, be aware of how many children are allowed in at one time. Do not allow adults to jump in a jumping castle unless the castle you’ve purchased allows it.

Always anchor a jumping castle if it’s outside. If you put up a jumping castle without an anchor, there is a tendency for it to sag or fall over. This can create a massive problem, which can even result in injury or even death.

When hiring or buying a jumping castle, always have a professional inflate it for you. If you need to top up the inflation, make sure you have a professional come out and do it for.

Don’t risk a DIY inflatable, as this could cost a little one using the jumping castle dearly.

If you’ve received training on how to inflate a jumping castle, you can inflate it yourself. However, don’t allow others who don’t have any training to try and do this in your stead. Be vigilant about it and be firm about being the only person to inflate the jumping castle.

Wrapping It Up

As we’ve mentioned previously, you should always prioritise safety over the aesthetics of a jumping castle or its price. There is nothing that is worth risking your child’s life or the life of other children. Instead, you’ll want a jumping castle that provides hours of entertainment and lots of fond memories for your little ones.

For more information on some of our products and services, you can visit us at our website here. We look forward to speaking with you about our jumping castles for sale!