where to Find Inflatable Water Slides

Running low on rental inventory for your party business ?

Here’s how to find inflatable water slides for sale

Trying to find a perfect inflatable water slides to buy for your business ? Do you want to be the parent of the year? If your child is having a summer birthday bash then the best way to kick it off is with a water slide. It’s great for the adults too because not only will it keep all your guests cool, but it’s hard to resist letting out your inner child when a water slide is involved.

They can be kind of expensive to rent though, and even more expensive to buy. You have to know where to look for a great deal. To help you out, here is a guide on finding inflatable water slides for sale, and the factors that skew the costs.

1. How Much Does It Cost?

Water slides are an awesome addition to any party but they’ll cost you no matter if you rent or just flat out buy one. There are a few factors that will determine the price of the slide .

There are several things to focus on when you’re shopping around. These include how big of a slide you want, how long will you need it, and if you’ll need any other party supplies. You’ll want to check and see if it would be cheaper just for you to get a package, and if there will be any travel fees added on.

Price of these water slides depends on all above factors . But above all the build and the commercial grade certification costs a lot . There are 100s of suppliers for these products . But Australian Inflatables produces best Australian standard and certified inflatables .

2. Why is an inflatable Water Slide So Much More Expensive?

The sad truth is inflatable water slides are much more expensive than dry ones. The reason for this is because a lot of extra time and labour goes into running them. It also takes a constant water source so you’ll be dishing out extra on your water bill.

When you purchase a commercial grade slide it is important to buy from professionals as the longevity of the slide gives you more ROI .

Australian companies are always liable to standards and quality . Therefore give preference for Australian companies than purchasing from overseas .

If you’re renting, the company will have to spend extra money to have their staff dry and store the slide safely. So, water slides are more expensive just because of the sheer amount of maintenance that goes into them.

3. What Size Do You Need?

It’s recommended that you do a head count before you rent out the slide. Size is a factor on expense, and you can get by with buying a smaller one if it’s not going to be a large party. Therefore if it is a family reunion or just a slide for kids to play at the back yard . We recommend you to get something similar to the cheap inflatable water slide . Or you can go for a bigger one if your budget allows .

Water slides are a ton of maintenance in general, but the bigger they are, the more work that has to go into them. This means that they take even more labor to set up. Also, the larger they are, the more water they use to run.

4. How Long Do You Need It?

The water slide rental prices will be skewed by the amount of time that you’ll need the slide. Depending on what company you go with, some of them charge by the hour, and some of them charge based on a blocked time.

The ones that make you pay based on a blocked period will usually have the option for you to tack on extra time for more money if you need it. You won’t have to feel stuck. You might save more money by just finding a company that will let you rent for a 24-hour time period . Furthermore you can buy from a manufacturer who got inflatable water slides for sale . This would certainly be an option if you are thinking to use it number of times .

Not only it is costly to rent a slide for every occasion but also it just limits the fun as you have to give it back after the period of time you rent it for . But comparing the price you rent and buy a brand new slide , We are certain you will reach the budget by only 5 times of use the brand new one . Therefore we recommend you to get your own product to save money and multiple the entertainment .

5. Need Anything Besides the Slide?

The simple truth that companies are very well aware of is when you’re renting a water slide, you’re most likely doing it for a party. It’s for that reason that some companies will offer additional party items along with the slide. For an extra fee, of course.

While the temptation to spend a lot more money is there, you might save money on your party in the long run if you tack on these extra items. You could get smaller things like chairs, and tables, or larger ones like popcorn machines, generators, and cotton candy machines.

For a bit more money, you could turn your child’s birthday into a full-on on carnival experience that they won’t forget anytime soon.

6. Consider a Package

You know how you tend to get your money’s worth at a fast food restaurant if you get a combo rather than just get the sandwich, small fry, and drink separately? Going with a package is kind of like that.

If you’re renting all your party things from one place, they will sometimes bundle it as a package and deliver it to you for a lower cost. Not only does it help you save money, but it benefits the company too because you’re renting way more items then you would have if you just rented the water slide.

7. Travel Fees

When you’re looking around for a company to rent a water slide from, you need to factor in additional fees that will go toward the water slide price.

These additional fees will most likely include, travel fees, delivery, and labour and set up fees. This will be different for every company so call around to a couple places before deciding on a price.

8. Look for Reviews Online

One piece of solid advice, look for company reviews online before you settle with one. There are many things that can go wrong with renting a water slide . Furthermore if you are searching online for inflatable water slides for sale . You have to be cautious because there are many scams online .

There has been few unfortunate incidents related to inflatables we witness recent past . Read more on our advise about the safety information and how to avoid injuries on inflatables .

The biggest one you might run into is the slide not being properly maintained from the party it was at before yours. Check not only for reviews based on hygiene but ones on damage as well. Even if the company has solid reviews, check for damage before you let the kids on it.

Finding Inflatable Water Slides for Sale for Your Next Party

Nothing can make a summer party better than an inflatable water slide. There are many things you should be checking out before looking for water slides for sale.

Consider the size of your party, how long you’ll need the water slide and any additional fees for travel or packages. Make your child’s birthday one to remember!

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