Start up party rental business now

How to start up your own inflatables hiring business

You may be thinking to start up a small business . But may be wondering where to start . Or  sometimes may wonder what sort of a business is good as a startup . As there are many to choose from . You are in luck ! Because if you are thinking of party rental business . You can read our step by step guide for jumping castle business as well . Australian inflatables got excellent quality inflatables for sale . With discounted prices for startup entrepreneurs  . Therefore this is the best time to start your business .

As now you got an idea what we are going to discussed in this article , We’ll move forward for more details without further ado . Party rental business is one of the most profitable and relaxing business . Can you think of others ? . Inflatables castles and slides are big toys . Where kids can jump and slide around . You must have seen these in playgrounds , parks , shopping malls or even in private parties .

You must also have seen how much kids enjoy playing in these big inflatables . Specially on inflatable water slides in summer . Even though it is kids who mainly enjoy these activity games . Adults are also attracted to those as well . You can see how much adults enjoy these jumping castles in adult parties . And there are many inflatables to choose from . which would fit both adults and kids entertainment perfectly .

Is it affordable to buy jumping castles and inflatable water slides made up to all safety standards

With Australian inflatables  you got an excellent chance to own few of these inflatable amusement devices at an affordable price with warranty . So you would be able to make your self your own boss in no time . You can generate revenue out of these inflatables in many ways . there are private parties which require special amusement supplies . There are public events which require inflatable games . Furthermore  you can target shopping malls and public parks . To hire these products you can do multiple rentals depending on the time period . Common ways of renting these amusement devices are to rent to private parties . commonly it would be a kids birthday party or some times adult party

Reach your customers with different tactics

Back in the time of early 2000 the common way to publish your business was via news paper advertisement  . But people doesn’t have much time to read newspaper these modern era . So the most convenient and common way it to have your own website . And optimize to so the local crowd can search for it , But don’t forget people live in their social media virtual home these days . So all the social media channels are additional source of free and easy publicity to your business . You must make sure you update your social media channels daily . And keep a separate phone line dedicated to your business . Your revenue may vary depending on the season but if you are well equipped with different kinds of jumping castles . There will be equivalent revenue for you through out the year . Also consider starting your own website to accept bookings . If you are looking for more revenue online presence is really important for jumping castle hire business

Consider adding some jumping castles if you are already established party planer

If  you are already in to party planing or party organizing business but without an inflatable castle . This article must open your eyes to see what you are missing to earn some extra revenue .  You must have seen in the parties that you are servicing . More than 90 % of kids parties got a jumping castle for entertainment . So if you got one of these you could have rent it as a package to your customers .

Once you establish your rental business and got regular rentals every month . You can expand these amusement jumps with some inflatable obstacle courses and inflatable games . Specially mechanical bull attracts lots of attention both on adults and kids parties .

More than one reason why you should buy inflatables from Australian Inflatables

So as we were repeatedly saying through out this article . Try out few inflatables from Australian inflatables . We provide you excellent stitch to stitch warranty for 2 years .  plus all the accessories you need to rent these castles . Such as blowers , pegs , tarps , sand bags and so on . And for a limited period of time there are more discounts than you will ever get from any other jumping castle supplier in Australia . But you must also be careful where and from who you purchase these equipment’s . as there are many accidents inside jumping castles