Octopus Bounce House

Huge octopus shaped jumping castle for sale with obstacles and wall climb . send your inquiry today .

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Dive into the deep blue with the “Octopus Bounce House” – an extraordinary inflatable that promises boundless fun and engaging activities for children. This isn’t just any bounce house; it’s an octopus brought to life, complete with head and tentacles, all set for your little ones to explore and enjoy.

Innovative Design & Engaging Features

  • Safe & Spacious: Engineered with child safety in mind, this bounce house features a comprehensive netting coverage to prevent falls and accidents.
  • Interactive Obstacles: Equipped with pop-up obstacles and crawlers, the design ensures that every child is entertained with a variety of playful challenges.
  • Realistic Octopus Detailing: From a 2D octopus face adorning the top to realistic spots on the body, the design captures the essence of an octopus in vibrant detail.
  • Climb & Slide: At the heart of the bounce house is a safe wall climb, paired with safety gear to ensure a secure ascent for every child.

Tailored for Excitement and Safety

  • Customisation Options: Tailor this bounce house to your brand with custom colours, branding, and contact details for a personal touch.
  • Generous Bouncing Area: A large, circular play space allows for free movement and all-around fun, so every child has room to bounce and play.
  • Seamless Integration: With sea creature prints adorning the base, the Octopus Bounce House becomes an immersive marine environment.
  • Easy Setup & Takedown: Designed for convenience, this bounce house can be easily installed and packed away, making it perfect for events and regular use.

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8m x 8m x 5m