Defender dome inflatable game

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This battle-ready inflatable is no mere child’s plaything. The Defender Dome means business, turning every backyard, beach or corporate event into an all-out turf war for point-scoring supremacy. Its roomy interior lets you launch aerial assaults and mount offensive campaigns with a whole team of combatants.Step inside the Defender Dome and prepare to defend your turf. Whether you’re dodging, ducking, diving or dunking, victory will be sweet. Durable PVC construction withstands the most vigorous of onslaughts as players pummel the competition to emerge victorious. When the dust settles and points are tallied, only the strongest defenders will be left standing in this innovative arena that takes competition to new heights. Forge alliances, devise winning strategies and prepare to defend at all costs – the Defender Dome is total conquest and endless action all inflated into one.

Multiple chambers let you strategize with teammates to ambush opponents and score, while mesh netting contains the action. When the competition heats up, the real challenge becomes not popping the dome with excitement. Once the final whistle blows, deflate your energy with laughs shared over post-game snacks. This multi-player game brings out your competitive spirit in the most playful way

Get ready to have an unforgettable event with our multi-player inflatable game! DEFENDER DOME is perfect for cooperate events. Challenge your friends and keep the fun going with our exciting and unique Defender Dome inflatable game — get yours today!


5.5m x 5.5m x 2.5m