Big Kahuna Inflatable Water Slide

Make this summer the most memorable yet with the Big Kahuna Inflatable Water Slide from Australian Inflatables! This curvy inflatable slide will keep your kids entertained all day long with its extended wide slide and large pool at the bottom.

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Make a splash this summer with the Big Kahuna, a curvy thrill ride of an inflatable water slide that delivers maximum fun per square foot. This longer slide features an extended, wide sliding surface that whips and whorls its way to a large splash pool at the bottom. Grab your swimsuit, hop on, and get ready to rocket into cooling summer fun. Climb up and take a plunge — they won’t want to leave! This product is sure to be the star of your summer, so get ready for hours of outdoor fun.

Features of this inflatable water slide:

  • Longer slide
  • Wider pool at the bottom
  • Curvy design for extra dip
  • Safety landing feature

More design to get most thrill


This product looms over your backyard like a giant sea serpent, all twists and turns that tempt you into its undulating clutches. Climb the enclosed ladder to the top, feel the anticipation build, then whoosh down the triple-wide slide on a raft, tube or your own two feet. The raised edges keep you corralled on the slide’s path as you hydroplane around banked curves at daredevil speeds. With one of the big inflatable water slides we got on sale. Shoot out the end and make a huge splash in the spacious wading pool. Surface with a scream of delight, then scramble out to join your line of fellow thrill-seekers eagerly awaiting their turn.

When the summer sun is blazing and the temperatures soar, this big summer amusement ride is the coolest gadget to chill. We can deliver Big Kahuna Water Slide to most places in Australia and special delivery facilities available to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast


10m x 4m x 5m