Bat Man Car Slide

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Holy inflatable fun, Batman! This Dynamic Duo of a slide lets mini caped crusaders and comic fans channel the Dark Knight with its Batman insignia and batmobile design. When inflated, this giant slide dominates your lawn like a beacon calling all would-be superheroes for high-speed adventures. Kids can climb the sturdy steps to the top of the slide and whoosh down the extra-wide lane, imagining they’re speeding through the streets of Gotham City in the legendary boatmobile. The heavy-duty PVC construction means this bat slide is built to thrill for years to come, fueling countless heroic summer days filled with laughter and excitement. When your little vigilantes need to refuel after fighting crime, the spacious splash pool at the base of the slide offers a perfect spot to chill out. Because every superhero deserves a chance to relax, if only for a minute. To the bat slide, kids of Gotham City—your epic summer escapades await!

Product features:

  • Realistic batman design
  • Matching colour combination
  • Ability to customize with any selected theme
  • Add on customized pool at the end of the slide

Get ready for hours of exciting and fun-filled adventures with the Australian Inflatables Batman Car Slide! Its bold and vibrant Batman themed color combination makes it an eye-catching addition to any backyard. Whether you’re renting for a party or just want some backyard fun, the inflatable Bat Man Car Slide is the perfect choice. We can deliver Bat Man Car Slide to most places in Australia and special delivery facilities available to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast contact Australian Inflatables now.