Let kids have fun in jumping castles

We all know as kids how much we loved playing in jumping castles . specially with lots of activities inside such as a slide , climb or even some times there are swings inside jumping castles in our child hood. You can enjoy these videos of jumping castles to refresh your memory about our childhood . In the modern era high tech equipment specially entertainment equipment has taken over the kids life and kids doesn’t seems to enjoy group activities or play with each other too much . Our suggestion for this is give them one unique jumping castle with lots of different activities inside . We are  certain they will not even come out for lunch and dinner so make sure you throw some food for them time to time when they are inside a nice jumping castle……

How to get a jumping castle kids will love

We got plenty of interactive jumping castles for sale . Most of these jumping castles got slide ,climb , obstacles and interactive games for kids . Not only jumping castles we got commercial grade inflatable water slides for sale as well . Most of our inflatable water slides are unique and some are common . But as we said in our above paragraph we make sure kids have lots of fun using our products . We improve our products regularly with consistent feed back from our beloved customers . Here we thought of suggesting some jumping castles and inflatable water slides kids love.

Jumping castles

Animal kingdom jumping castle combo got pictures of safari animal all over the inflatable . With a slide safari animal figures and activities inside, kids can have all the fun they want inside

Boonie park interactive jumping castle also got big space inside for kids to have fun , extra large play area will give kids ample space to “moon bounce” . It got tunnels , climbs , slides obstacles and got all those characters from boonie bear cartoon . Kids can enjoy the time with lots of activities and friends from boonie bear cartoon

Inflatable disco dome is another funky jumping castle with dual layers and enough space for jump and dance . This inflatable disco dome got special spaces to install woofers and hooks to hand disco light .With dark interior and dual layers of pvc  , ensures no day light will come inside even in day time . So kids can have some disco fun inside with disco lights and music

Mickey park interactive jumping castle is one of the most common jumping castles . But we include this in our list because we know how much kids love Mickey and Minnie . This Mickey park got lots of activities and  inflatable action figures of Mickey and friends inside

Inflatable water slides

Even though it is not advised to let kids use this without through supervision by adults . We add this cliff hanger inflatable slide to the list because of the thrill it gives to the user same as the name suggest it will make you feel like you are hanged on a cliff

Inflatable Circular Combo is one of the most entertaining slide it can be used as either a water slide or just as a dry slide . with some sealed air water toys and few water games this can sure makean entertaining day for kids

Why we open Australian inflatables factory

There are many suppliers for inflatable products in Australia . But are we the same comparing to them ? this is the main question arises in your mind when you are contemplating weather to purchase bouncers from Australian inflatables or purchase from the same old suppliers . Yes we offer the same range of inflatable products that they offer . But We got some unique bouncy castles as well , Not only that We offer you best prices in the Australian jumping castle market and some times we can help you deliver the products you buy to your door step we got connection with plenty of Australian logistic companies to deliver our jumping castles at a friendly price . Not only that Now you can carry on your business in a worry free way as we provide 24 months stitch to stitch warranty for all our commercial grade inflatables