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Elevate your next event with a top-tier inflatable obstacle courses from Australian Inflatables. Crafted with vibrant, eye-catching designs and a variety of exhilarating challenges, our obstacle courses are perfect for all ages, ensuring endless fun and competition. Adhering to the strictest Australian safety standards, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that safety is our priority. Our courses feature a diverse mix of activities including climbing walls, slippery slides, tunnel crawls, and intricate mazes. Dive into a thrilling adventure and spark your competitive spirit as you dash towards the finish line, fueled by an adrenaline-packed experience! Navigate here if you are looking for normal inflatable water slide for sale .

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Higher up your next gathering with our outstanding range of inflatables, perfect for injecting fun and a competitive edge into any event! Ideal for special occasions, school fundraisers, and more, our products boast smooth, bouncy surfaces that minimize the risk of injuries, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience for all participants. At Australian Inflatables, we pride ourselves on offering some of the safest and most innovative inflatables on the market, including exclusive inflatable pool obstacle courses. Should you require assistance or wish to discuss bespoke options, our dedicated team is always on hand to help. Additionally, we offer customisation services right from our own factory, allowing for personalised designs that can feature your branding for enhanced promotional impact.

Why you should you invest in an obstacle course

For all you adventure seekers! Looking for top-notch inflatable obstacle courses? You’ve struck gold with Australian Inflatables! We’re all about crafting custom, commercial-grade obstacle courses that not only meet, but exceed Aussie standards. Dive into a world where fun meets quality, and support local business while dodging the dramas of hidden import fees and import paperwork hassles. Choose Aussie-made for hassle-free purchases and top-tier quality. Let’s make those unforgettable memories with a splash of adventure! Please navigate here to if you are interested in our jumping castles .

Obstacle courses on sale customised with your own brand identity

These obsticle courses are easy to be customized . Showcasing a custom-made inflatable obstacle course at your special event is guaranteed to captivate and thrill your guests! Consider opting for a hybrid model that combines the excitement of an inflatable obstacle course with the fun of a water slide. This unique design will undoubtedly be the highlight of your event. Our team is eager to discuss how we can bring your vision to life with tailored inflatables that suit your preferences. Notably, our skilled designers are committed to creating products that meet the highest standards. For more information or to start designing your custom inflatable, please reach out to our friendly team in Melbourne at 0399610684. We’re here to help make your event unforgettable!